Utgarde Pinnacle

May 27th, 2010

Skadi's whirlwind

This is a challenging and interesting instance with a variety of boss encounters and cut scenes.  In particular, the Skadi gauntlet event can cause groups new to this instance a lot of grief – and team work, knowledge and speed will help groups to survive and even ace it.  The two quests can be picked up from inside the instance which is particularly suited for those transported to the dungeon in a random group. This guide details related quests, achievements, boss fights including the Skadi gauntlet event, and dungeon map to take some of the pain out of your encounter. (more…)

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For the children

May 5th, 2010


Across Azeroth, mighty heroes of both factions are taking time out to give back to the orphans of war.   It’s children’s week again and by visiting the orphanage matron, you can take a child under your wing – seeing what now has perhaps become commonplace through the eyes of an innocent child, experiencing the joys and indulgences of childhood (strawberry ice cream, cakes and doughnuts), reuniting separated siblings or introducing playmates, playing with paper balloons and giving your young charge a taste of what it is like to be a champion in a world torn apart by conflict.  Children’s week combines innocence, fun, travel, light-heartedness with a fair twist of the ambiguities of the WOW universe.   For while taking an orphan on sightseeing trips and introducing them to important personages is admirable enough, and eating ice cream and cake in his or her presence is innocuous enough – there is surely some tough questions about taking along one of such tender age to battlegrounds, a dungeon populated with hostile undead or indeed some (though not all) of the dailies.

In themselves the quest lines are relatively simple as are the majority of the achievements.  Still only level 75+ will be able to finish the meta-achievement due to the entry requirements of Utgarde Pinnacle. The quests give experience (or gold at level 80), faction rep (for classic & (more…)

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