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Brewing Up a Festival

September 24th, 2011


The unusual sound of whip cracks echoing across the frosty air around Kharanos aroused my dwarf hunter’s curiosity.  As she ventured towards the road to Ironforge, rams ridden at breakneck speed by characters of different races and all levels flashed past.  In what now seems eons ago, I stumbled on my very first seasonal event – Brewfest.  Being introduced to the joys of riding and the riotous defence of the festival from the dastardly iron dwarves soon had me hooked on seasonal events.

Modelled on Oktoberfest, this festival revolves around the pleasures of ale, food and mayhem without the normal drawbacks of hangovers the next day.  Each year, towards the end of September and beginning of October, the rival dwarvish families of Thunderbrews and Barleybrews and the Gordok Ogres set up pavilions at the foot of the ramp up to Ironforge while the the Orges with the Troll T’chali’s Voodoo Brewery and the Orc Drohn’s Distillery set up outside Orgrimmar.  Festival foods and brews as well as souvenirs, borrowed mounts and job opportunities are all on offer.

This guide looks at the quests, dailies and achievements of Brewfest. (more…)

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