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In the first level of dailies at the Sanctuary of Malorne, Malfurion’s Breach and Ashen fields once again the heroes will be called to put their might and skills to the test in the never ending struggle to keep Azeroth safe.  And while some may suffer death such failure is never final and all will be rewarded with gold and reputation.  It often seems in a world of warcraft that it the strong and well geared that survive and thrive and there is no doubt that the Molten Front is for the highest level of hero (level 85).  Yet these new dailies highlight that the ties of friendship, loyalty, working together for a common cause and assisting the weak are ideals that are as important as the possession of strength and skill.  In the Protectors of Hyjal daily, a team of Hyjal Protectors plus one of the any characters encountered in your past heroic endeavours will assist you (though usefulness of the pacifist Lunk’s “no violence” policy seems a little doubtful). In the whimsical achievement The Meek Shall Inherit Kalimdor – the small critters with a little help from you – wreck revenge on the big fiery bullies.  And, as with a number of the quests, all participants in the fight get credit for downing the elite &, in some cases, all are able to loot a quest item – it is common to find alliance & horde players joining together to defeat a common enemy!

This guide will review the dailies and achievements that become available once the Ancients are assisted, the Sanctuary of Malorne restored and a portal into the Molten Front established (See Opening the Portal).  The dailies enable you to earn Marks of the World Tree necessary for opening up further areas and dailies in the Molten Front which is necessary to gain access to further epic items, pet, mount and reputation gains. It also allows the completion of a number of achievements required for the meta-achievement Veteran of the Molten Front.


Dailies from the Sanctuary of Malorne

Dailies at Malorne’s Sanctuary can obtained from the Matoclaw, Mylune, Captain Soren Moonfall and Dorda’en Nightweaver depending on how far you are in the quest line (see Opening the Portal) and what 4 quests are on offer that day. Dailies award gold, 1-2 Mark of the World Tree as well as Guardians of Hyjal and Guild rep.  A total of 6 Marks of the World Tree can be earned each day in the Regrowth/Sanctuary of Malorne dailies.

Matoclaw or Mylune offers a double daily to assist or gain the assistance of one of the Ancients to defeat an elite boss summoned from one of the three portals (northwest, central, and southeast).  While doing these quests keep in mind the achievements The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth, Infernal Ambassadors and Ludicrous Speed (see the section on Achievements below).  It is not necessary to tag the Elite boss to get credit for the kill (though this isn’t always the case with the achievements).

  • Call the Flock – Matoclaw wants you to enlist the power of Aviana against one of Ragnaros’ minions, the elite 85 elemental Millagazor.  She gives you a feather by which you must summon birds (12 Alpine Songbirds, 5 Forest Owls, and 2 Goldwing Hawks) found in the north of the Sanctuary of Malorne and west of the Grove of Aessina. Use the feather to transform into a bird or harpie form and call the required birds when close to them.  The Hawks fly high and are easily spotted though you need to get close to call them.  The Owls tend to fly round the tops of the trees while the songbirds fly close to the ground and in the low lying branches.    This quest awards 1mark.

&  Wings A Flame -  Once you have completed Call of the Flock, Matoclaw asks you to summon and attack the elite 85 elemental Millagazor (a large fiery bird) at the northwest fire portal just north of the Ashen Lake.  Resume your normal fighting form & use the feather to summon Millagazor. This awards 2 marks.

  • Perfecting Your Howl – Matoclaw wants you to use the Fang of the Wolf after killing 10 Firelands Invaders in the Regrowth (the elemental or Naga mobs the valleys of the Regrowth but not the elites of Sethria’s Roost).  Using the fang transforms you momentarily into a semblance of a howling Goldrinn (or Lo’gosh).   This quest awards 1 mark.

&  The Call of the Pack – Once you have completed Perfecting Your Howl, Mataclaw declares that you are ready to face Lylagar, a 85 elite Core Hound.  Summon him using the fang in front of the southeastern fire portal and defeat him.  Gives 2 marks.

  • Spirit Between the Trees – Matoclaw gives you the Staff and wants you to collect 3 of the phantom stags in the eastern Regrowth (giving you a brief crit buff). As long as you have the staff in your bags you (and not your pet) merely need to intersect with the stags to collect them.  The stags dash around the new growth areas in seemingly erratic manner though they actually follow set paths.  It is much simpler to stand in the observed circuit of the stags while you complete other quests (i.e. Relieving the Pressure with which this daily is usually paired) than to try to chase them down.   This quest awards 1 mark.

The Power of Malorne – summon Naga Flamewalker Galenges at the southeastern portal by planting the staff of in the dirt pile in front of the portal.  Periodically during the fight Malorne’s Antlers will weaken Galenges making him more vulnerable to attack. Gives 2 marks.

  • Those Bears Up There – Mylune (standing to one side of the stairs at the Sanctuary) asks you to climb the trees at Whistling Grove to rescue 6 Mount Hyjal bear cubs. This quest is basically the same as the earlier quest.  Use the ladders to climb the trees, grab a bear, climb to the top them throw the bear down onto the frame with the stretched leather skins. Repeat.  This quest awards 1 mark.

Pyrachnis Slain – Myune now wants you to summon the large elite spider Pyrachnis at the northern portal.  You can use the emerald Mylune has given you to mitigate the poison attack however, for the achievement Infernal Ambassadors you need to defeat Pyrachnis without using the emeraldGives 2 marks.

  • Punting Season – Mylune (standing to one side of the stairs at the Sanctuary) asks you to punt six children of Tortolla (baby turtles) back into the lake and away from the Flame Terrors.  The turtles are immediately north of the Sanctuary.  Once you pick up a turtle, a bar will come up that allows you either to “punt” or put the turtle down.  You will not be able to fight or heal while the bar is up so if you aggro a Flame Terror or two either move towards the lake & aim as quickly as possible or drop the turtle and fight.  Alternatively you can punt the turtles at the Flame Terror (part of the Meek Shall Inherit the Earth).    This quest awards 1 mark.

& Echos of Nemesis – speak to Tooga on the eastern side of Ashen Lake to summon and defeat the Nemesis. The baby turtles will flock to call Nemesis from the central portal.  During Molten Fury take shelter under Tooga’s shell to avoid damage (and help towards Infernal Ambassadors). Gives 2 marks.

Each day Captain Soren Moonfall at the Sanctuary of Molorne (standing between the pillared archway and the stairs to the shrine proper or to the north of the shrine or between these two points) will offer The Protectors of Hyjal.  You must have opened the Portal into the Molten Front to be able to do this daily:

  • The Protectors of Hyjal – Soren asks you to slay 6 Fiery Behemoths or Seething Pyrelords at Sethria’s Roost (immediately south of the Sanctuary over the ridge) with the help of 5 elite companions he has assembled for you.  The companions will join you at Sethria’s Roost & consist of four Hyjal defenders and one ransom named NPC (drawn from about 40 alliance, horde or neutral quest NPCs) such as Thassarian, Chromie, Budd, Helmut Nessingwary as well as many ring-ins like the bard Russell Bower (a tribute to one of WOW’s musical composers).  The elementals are 85 elites. The Behemoths are on the cliff edges throwing fireballs into the valley below or at distant players when facing inwards. The fireball is a very damaging attack and can hit you unexpectedly when engaged with a Pyrelord.  The Pyrelords cast an impenetrable and damaging shield during the fight as well as summoning multiple fire elemental adds.  If there are not enough mobs on the first ledge, keep going to the ledges to the south. However, you will still get credit for the kill whether or not you tagged the mob first.  Once you have defeated 6 elite elementals go back to Soren’s sister Taldris in Malfurion’s Breach to hand in the quest and receive 2 Marks.

The final Sanctuary of Malorne daily will be ONE of the following:

Matoclaw offers:

  • Rage against the FlamesMatoclaw asks you to kill 7 of the fiery invaders.  The invaders include any of the mobs (elementals, naga, elites) found in the both the Regrowth or Sethria’s Roost. Kills completed as part of other dailies (such as Protectors of Hyjal, Perfecting Your Howl ) count toward this quest. It awards 1 mark.


  • Supplies for the Other Side – Matoclaw asks you to collect 7 Blueroot vines to provide water for the druids fighting in the Molten Front.   The vines (similar to Liferoot or the Bluetubers from Razorfen Kraal in appearance) can be found in the vegetated areas around the sanctuary and in the eastern valley of the Regrowth.  They will map with track herbs ability. Gives 1 mark.


On completing the Fate of Runetotem, Dorda’en Nightweaver offers any one of the following 3 quests:

  • Treating the Wounds – Dorda’en Nightweaver wants you to obtain 4 sulphur-laced wrappings from the Fiery Behemoths at Sethria’s Roost to provide fire resistant bandages for injured.  This quest works together with the Protectors of Hyjal as you need to kill the same elite mobs and get extra firepower with the elite squad.  Gives 1 mark.
  • Relieving the Pain – obtain 4 flame-wreathed hearts from Seething Firelords in the southeast at Sethria’s Roost to help relieve Runetotem’s pain.  This quest is easily completed while doing Defenders of Hyjal and gives 1 mark.
  • Releasing the Pressure – Dorda’en instructs you collect 100 Flamewalker scales to relieve the swelling that has resulted from Runetotem’s burns.  The Naga Flamewalkers are in the eastern valley either in groups of 3-5 or roaming about on their own.  Each Naga gives between 10-22 scales. Gives 1 mark.

On any one day you will be offered only 4 dailies at the Sanctuary of Malorne (total of 6 marks).

Molten Front Dailies

Each day four dailies are offered (two from Taldis Moonfall, one from Irontree and one from Rayne Feathersong).  Each of these dailies can be completed in the Ashen Fields and rewards 2 marks. A total of 8 Marks of the World Tree can be earned each day in the Malfurion Breach/Ashen Field dailies at this stage.

General Taldis Moonfall standing next to Captain Irontree and west of the cave offers two of the following dailies:

  • Hostile Elements –  Taldis wants you to kill 8 Charred Soldiers or 8 Charred Vanquishers in the Ashen Fields to the north.  Rewards 2 Marks.


  • The Harder They Fall – Kill 3 Molten Behemoths (85 elites). These Elites are slow moving but their molten stomp is damaging.  They also lob extremely damaging fire boulders into the field (similar to the ones they throw into the valley from Sethria’s Roost) which hits random targets.  Rewards 2 Marks.
  • The Dogs of War – Kill 5 Charhounds or Ancient Charhounds in the Ashen Fields or the Molten Flow.  The dogs look like large fiery skeletal greyhounds.  The non-elite hounds are in the Molten Flow rather than the Ashen Fields.   Gives 2 Marks.
  • Breech the Defenses – Kill 5 Lava Bursters in the area next to the quest givers and the Ashen Fields.  The great worms have Lava Spit and Lava Shower attacks, the last one being particularly damaging.  Gives 2 Marks.
  • Traitors Return – Taldis instructs you to kill 3 Druid of the Flame found throughout the Ashen Fields.  These are particularly agile and wily adversaries that change shape and position often.

The mobs come out of the portals and race towards the Mount Hyjal defenders, the non-elites in particular ignoring players until engaged.  Charred Soldiers and Charred Vanquishers are always present.  The other mobs spawn depending on the daily Taldis gives you (i.e. Behemoths, Charhounds, Lava Busters or Druids of the Flame).  With any of these mobs you can kite them to the Mount Hyjal Defenders and/or draw out those already engaged with the defenders (with lessened health).  AOE attacks can quickly amass multiple mobs, so be careful not to bite off more than you can chew!

Captain Irontree (usually stands next to Taldis Moonfall west of the cave but also be in the cave near Malfurion) offers:

  • Burn Victims – Heal 8 burned victims with the salve provided (or any healing spells or first aid you have).  The victims are scattered about Ashen Fields (usually lying beside the small outcrops and out of the “hotspots” of fighting). It is simpler and less costly (in materials or mana) to apply the salve supplied by Irontree (than to use your own spells or first aid materials).  Rewards 2 Marks.

Rayne Feathersong standing east of the cave offers one of the following dailies:

  • Wisp Away – lead the wisp Rayne gives you to the fire portals in the Ashen Fields so that it can close it.  The portals look like two fiery pillars standing close together which spawn random Fire Invaders at intervals.  The wisp will begin to rotate around the portal as soon as you get close enough.  You then need protect it from the fiery imps that which continually spawn just in front of the portal until it is closed. Rewards 2 Marks. OR
  • Aggressive Growth – Rayne asks you to plant 5 Smothervine seeds in Ashen Piles in the Ashen fields.  Click on the piles of ash scattered.  The green vine (not unlike the tentacles of the Old Gods) will attack and destroy at least one Fireland invader.  Gives 2 marks.

Once you have accumulated 150 Marks you can complete Druids of the Talon or the Shadow Warden quests opening up another group of dailies.

There are a number of Achievements that can be completed while doing the Regrowth and initial Malfurion Breach dailies.

The Meek Shall Inherit Kalimdor – help the critters (the squirrels, songbirds, turtles and bears) get back at their tormentors.

  • Kite an enemy NPC close to treed areas with squirrels – there is one close to the northwest flamegate for instance. The squirrels there will throw nuts at the hostiles. (If you listen carefully you will hear a bonk sound.)
  • Once Millagazor begins to escape at the end of the fight allow the Flock of birds to finish him off.
  • During Punting Season punt one of the turtles at a fire elemental (aiming at its feet) rather than in the lake.  This will knock back the elemental & kill it.
  • After climbing the fir trees in Whistling Grove throw at least one cub onto a sleeping Brimstone Hound rather than the trampoline catcher!

Ludicrous Speed – obtain 65 stacks of Soar while on Call the Flock.  Each time you capture a bird you will acquire a Soar buff (1, 5 or 10 depending on the type of bird) which lasts for 4 seconds. Thus the key to this achievement is locating & getting close enough to the next bird within the time limit (similar to the Turkinator achieve).  This is not easy especially when crowded.  Also, once the correct number of each type of bird has been collected it is no longer possible to collect any more of that type.  However, if the quest is abandoned before completing it, it is still possible to use the Aviana form with the feather (check your bag).  You can continue collect birds regardless of their number and type. Also having maximum view distance and using Ctrl V will make the birds more visible.

Bounce – bounce times without stopping on the trampouline in Whistling Grove.

Infernal Ambassadors – defeat each of the 5 bosses while either avoiding damage from their special attack or not using an assist to defeat them.  It appears to be necessary to be the one to summon & tag each of the bosses to get this achievement (though others joining the fight will not negate it).  With the exception of Nemesis, it is possible to resummon the boss as often as you like until you hand in the final quest.  Look for the summoning item in your bags.

  • After Echoes of Nemesis defeat the giant turtle Nemesis without taking damage from Molten Fury by taking shelter under Tooga’s shell.  This includes damage to your pet, elementals or guardians etc.  An emote will give clear warning that Nemesis is about to erupt though Tooga keeps moving around so keep a note of his position and  for the achieve its best to fight beside or nearby him.  Once you have defeated Nemesis you can’t summon him again that day.
  • While completing Pyrachnis, defeat the large elite spider Pyrachnis at the northwestern portal without using the Emerald of Aessina to mitigate the poison attack.
  • During Call of the Pack avoid damage from Lylagar’s Flame Breath by moving quickly out of the way as soon as he draws breath (see spell attack bar).  Lylagar stands still while he is spewing out flame so you can double around behind the core hound and continue attacking him.
  • With Wings of Flame defeat the fiery bird Millagazor without receiving damage from flame gout.  As the emote directs, moving continually while the gout of flame is targeted at you will prevent damage.
  • During Power of Malorne you need enough Dps to kill the elite Naga Galenges before Malorne’s Antlers will weakens him a second time.

At Sethria’s Roost:

Have… Have We Met? Wave at six NPCS (Linken, Nat Pagle, Mankrik, Helmut Nessingwary, Chromie, Thassarian) accompanying you or any other player present for the achievement.   It can be hard to spot them (Chromie is small for instance whether in her gnome or dragon form) especially when there are a lot of players present.  A targeting macro  (see below) can really help.

For Gang War you need to win a duel while at Sethria’s Roost.

For the four rare spawns required for The Fiery Lords of Sethria’s Roost make sure you (or your party) tag the mob first for the achievement. These mobs are by no means easy to solo – especially if you aggro one of the other elites (Behemoths or Pyrelords) in the area!

Leyara Legacy (the three-part Leyara questline), The Molten Front Offensive, Fireside Chat (speak to a number of named NPCs) and Veteran of the Molten Front can only be partially completed at this stage and will be dealt with in a later post.

In most cases, the first and generally only solution to conflict in Azerothian culture is force (usually pre-emptive and lethal) – quest lines such as the humorous Lunk quests in Searing Gorge or the more serious Makuru’s Vengeance line of quests at the Temple of Telhamat in Hellfire Peninsula or the occasional quests to win over new allies (eg the Sporereggar or the Ogri’la quests) are the exceptions that prove the rule.  The idea is to become the biggest, strongest, best-equipped and most skilled dude around.  Of course, we know that such a direct and violent approach to problem solving would not be advisable in real life but it can be tempting to take a “don’t get mad, get even” approach to people that annoy us.  Tongue in cheek, Blizzard alludes to a different way.  The popular street preacher and rabblerouser who said “The meek … shall inherit the earth” taught and lived a radical way of love and forgiveness.  As the strong of his day (the Romans, the soldiers, the religious authorities) hammered in the nails and strung him up to die, he also said “’Forgive them Father, for they don’t know what they are do” – and within decades his followers had “turned the world upside down” without lifting one sword in anger.  Violence has a habit of breeding an ever-escalating sequence of violence, while forgiveness –never easy or safe – has the power, the potential, the promise of breaking the chain.


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