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Darpoundrice490xNew cooking dailies are now available in Darnassus, Ironforge (Alliance), Thunderbluff and Undercity (Horde).  These dailies give the same rewards as the Stormwind and Orgrimmar dailies with 1-2 cooking awards, cooking skills (1-2 points), money, experience and factional reputation towards the city in which the daily is done.  It is only possible to do one Cataclysm fishing daily a day (eg if you do a daily in Darnassus you can no longer do the one in Stormwind or Ironforge though you can still do the Shattrath and Dalaran dailies).

If you can’t see the quest giver it maybe that you haven’t picked up cooking training, your level is too low (minimum level 10) or, most likely,  you have either completed or have in your log book another city cooking daily.

While it would be neat if we could do all 3 main city dailies of our toon’s faction a day, the introduction of these new dailies is still helpful for lower level players (who can now do the daily in the city closest to where they are questing), may be a way of gaining a specific factional city reputation and add variety to the dailies (to those becoming a little jaded with the Stormwind or Orgrimmar dailies). Completing each of the five dailies for each city will complete the appropriate achievement (eg Let’s Do Lunch: Thunderbluff) and completing all three Let’s Do Lunch city acheivments awards A Bunch of Lunch.  This adds three more cooking achievements for each faction.

The cooking dailies for each of the four cities is as follows:


Cooking dailies in Darnassus are now available from the Cooking Trainer Alegorn (Craftsmen Terrace):

  • Ribs for the Sentinels – Alegorn asks you to cook the uncooked ribs he supplies and then to distribute them to 5 Sentinels.  Use the stove next to the cooking trainer to cook the ribs. Sentinels (the Darnassan guards) are easily found scattered throughout the environs of the city.  Once fed the Sentinels gain a 2 minute well fed buff  which makes them uninterested in eating.  This daily gives 2 Chef’s Awards.
  • Back to Basics – Alegron wants you to pound rice in the townsfolk’s rice baskets into rice flour.   The baskets can be readily found scattered in buildings through Darnassus.
  • Remembering the Ancestors – Alegorn’s apprentice is out of town, so he asks you to collect blessed rice cakes from the Temple of the Moon which you must then present to the ancestors at the Shrine of the Ancestors (a large pyramid shaped tower at the graveyard just before the main entrance gate of Darnassus and to the north of the large courtyard area in front of the Warrior Terrace).
  • Spice Bread Aplenty – make or get your hands on 10 pieces of spice bread (a basic recipe that requires flour and mild spices easily purchased from the cooking supplier).
  • The Secret to the Perfect Kimchi -  Alegorn wants you to find 8 buried Kimchi jars (the secret to perfect Kimchi) scattered beside the bases of the buildings, bushes and trees throughout the Craftsman Terrace as well as on the islands and the Tradesman Terrace in Darnassus.  This daily gives 2 cooking skill points.


Daryl Rikknussun, the cooking trainer in the Bronze Kettle (in the Great Forge near the entrance to the Hall of Explorers) offers five dailies:

  • Keepin’ the Haggis Flowin’- Daryl sends you to find 3 essential ingredients of Haggis: Bag of sheep innards (purchased from the meat vendor Songar Cliffbeard), 5 packets of mild spices (from any cooking supplier) and 4 sacks of oatmeal (in or outside any of the inns or suppliers in the city).  Mild spices can be bought from Emrul Rikknussun in the lower floor of the Bronze Kettle. Unlike the sugar sacks in Stormwind, the oat sacks are easily found scattered outside and inside of shops in the Great Forge, the Military Hall, the Commons, the Mystic Ward and the other areas of Ironforge.  The meat vendor Songar paths around the Military Ward.  This daily gives 2 Chef’s Awards.
  • Can’t Get Enough Spice Bread – Daryl wants you to cook 10 spice bread which is a basic recipe available at level 1 Cooking Skill.  The required sacks of wheat and packets of spice can be purchased from Daryl’s brother Emrul just downstairs.
  • A Fowl Shortage – Daryl wants to make Cock-a-leekie soup but doesn’t have enough chickens.  Catch 6 Dun Morogh chickens running around on the flat area just outside the gates of Ironforge as well as on the road down the mountain.  The chickens don’t run fast and are very easy to catch.
  • A Round for the Guards – Daryl asks you to distribute Ironforge rations (haggis and Ironforge pale ale) to 6 Ironforge Guards.  The Guards are easy enough to find though feeding them gives a brief 2 minute well fed buff that makes them unavailable for the quest while the buff lasts.
  • I Need to Cask a Favor – Daryl wants you to go to  Kharanos and bring back a cask of Drugan’s Ironforge Pale Ale (IPA) from outside the brewery.  The cask is beside Ragnar Thunderbrew standing next to the entrance stairs of the Thunderbrew Distillery (the inn).  Picking it up will give you a 3min Brewery Delivery buff (similar to the Goblin Parcel Runner disguise in the Dangerous Love quest line) which gives you extra speed and now brakes.  Run back and hand in to Daryl.  This daily gives 2 cooking skill points.


Cooking Trainer Aska Mistrunner on the third level of the main mesa (where Bain Bloodhoof and the weapon traders are and just one level down from the Wind Rider Master) also offers 5 dailies:

  • Pining for nuts – Tauran cooking uses pine nuts in many dishes.  Aska wants you to collect 30 pine nuts by roasting pine cones over a fire.  The cones (which show on the minimap with herb finding skills) are at the base of the pine trees around the edges of the different levels on the mesas.  Each cone produces 5 nuts.
  • Corn Mash – Aska wants you to grind 5 bowls of corn kernels into cornmeal.  The small woven grass bowls inside the buildings scattered throughout Thunderbluff.  This daily gives 2 Chef’s Awards.
  • Magic Mushrooms –  Aska sends you to gather 6 “magic” mushrooms  – very small delicious mushroom caps underneath the bigger mushrooms in the Pools of Vision in the cave at the Spirit Rise.
  • Mulgore Spice Bread – make 5 mulgore spice bread by adding Aska’s special spices to 5 regular spice bread you have already cooked (need flour & mild spices).
  • Perfectly Pickled Portions – Aska asks you to obtain four ingredients to make a perfect dish from4  huts around Thunderbluff. The first two are on the main rise one level down from Aska: Succulent Sweet Potato (in the Nan Mistrunner’s Fruit and Vegetable stand, 2 huts south of the hut with the bridge to the Elder Rise) and Savoury Spices (in Komin Winterhoof the Herbalism Trainer’s hut which is on the south side of the bridge hut to the Elder Rise).  The last two are on the main rise on the same level as Aska: Fresh Caught Fish (hanging from the ceiling in the back of Kah Mistrunner the Fishing Trainer’s hut on the west side of the bridge hut to the Elder Rise) and Freshly Hunted Fowl (hanging on the west side of Kaga Mistrunner the meat vendor’s hut directly opposite from Aska). This daily gives 2 cooking skill points.


And if you have a cast iron stomach you can do the five different dailies offered by Cooking Trainer Eunice Burch (in the Trade Sector) in Undercity.

  • Roach Coach – Eunice asks you to collect 20 plump cockroaches from traps around Undercity for her sister Audrey’s Thrice-Spiced Crunchy Stew.  Both the traps (small wooden boxes hidden in, around or behind objects) and Audrey are in the inner ring of the canals. This daily gives 2 Chef’s Awards.
  • Would You Like Some Flies with That – Eunice wants you to gather for her 25 bloated flies from the meat wagons.  The 5-6 wagons are distributed around Undercity (eg in the Apothecarium, the Rogues Quarter, the Magic Quarter etc).  Each wagon has 4-6 pieces of rotting meat scattered on the ground beneath it and each piece of meat yields 2-5 bloated flies.  Eunice plans to fatten up spiders with the flies, which will fatten up the frogs which will … well, lets just say its reminiscent of the song “There was an old woman who swallowed a fly”
  • Escargot A Go-Go – Eunice wants you to find 8 Brightwater snails in Brightwater Lake, the large lake northeast of Undercity.  To make it easier to find the snails use a targeting macro (see below). This daily gives 2 cooking skill points.
  • Fungus Among Us –  Eunice asks you to collect 12 sewer cap mushrooms – small orange mushrooms that grow in the Undercity sewer.  The sewer entrance (47:39) is the double high stairs against the wall of the outer ring, halfway between the apothecarium and the war quarter.
  • Lily, Oh Lily - Pick ten Stillwater lilies for Eunice from the edges of Stillwater Pond northwest of Undercity, past Coldheath Manor.  The lilies are the flat, bronzy yellow water lily pads on the surface of the water just in from the water’s edge.

The cooking dailies are easily completed with worthwhile rewards.  Incidentally, they give a little bit more insight into the dietary preferences of the different factional groups (from pale ale and haggis for sturdy Dwarves; to rice, kimchi and octopus for the Night Elf; cider, pumpkin & cookies in Stormwind; prickly pear, swine bellies and rice for the Orc; pine nuts, corn meal and savoury spices for the Tauran; and cockroaches, flies and snails for the Undead) as well as some cultural, philanthropic and religious practices.  Perhaps a gentle reminder that people “do not live by bread alone” and that a reflective person is not only enriched by the cooking customs of their own and others traditions but also acknowledges the Provider of all good things.


Example of a targeting Marcos (create through computer icon, macros or Esc key, macros).  Once created place the macro on a toolbar.

/clear target

/tar brightwater snails

/script SetRaidTargetIcon(”target”,1)

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