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Other Fish in the Sea

July 12th, 2011


New fishing dailies are now available in Darnassus, Ironforge (Alliance), Thunderbluff and Undercity (Horde).  These dailies give the same rewards as the Stormwind and Orgrimmar dailies with a bag of shiny things, fishing skill (1-2 points), money, experience and factional reputation towards the city in which the daily is done.  It is only possible to do one Cataclysm fishing daily a day (e.g. if you do a daily in Thunderbluff you can no longer do the one in Orgrimmar or Undercity though you can still do the Shattrath and Dalaran dailies).  As with the cooking dailies, if you can’t see the quest giver it maybe that your level is too low (minimum level 10), you haven’t yet started fishing training or you have either completed – or have in your quest logbook another city fishing daily.

The introduction of these new dailies will help lower level players (who can now do the daily in the city closest to where they are questing), is a way of working towards specific factional city reputation and adds variety to the dailies.  Completing each of the five dailies for each city will complete the appropriate achievement (eg: Fish or Cut Bait: Darnassus) and completing all three Fish or Cut Bait city achievements awards Gone Fishing.  This adds three more fishing achievements for each faction. The fishing dailies for each of the four cities are as follows:


Fishing dailies in Darnassus are now available from the Fishing Trainer Astaia – standing on the pier off the causeway between the Bank Tree and the Auction House in the Tradesman Terrace):

  • The Sister’s Pendant –  Astaia’s friend Sister Aquiene has lost her moon pendant in a boating accident in Darnassus and Astaia thinks it has been swallowed by the local catfish.  Fish in any of the lakes or ponds in Darnassus until you catch a Giant Catfish.  Right click on Catfish icon in your bag to fillet the fish and retrieve the pendant and give it back to Astaia.  There is really no need to leave the pier to catch the fish.
  • A Slippery Snack– Collect 6 baby octopuses swimming in the shallow waters (not the rock pools) near the main pier south of Ruth’theran Village (use the portal on the small island west of the Bank Tree – it’s a lot faster than flying).  Rather than using your fishing rod, you will need to swim to catch these small octopus.  They will be more visible if you activate nameplates for friendly units (either through the computer icon,  interface, nameplates or by toggling with CTR v) .  Alternatively you can use a target marco (see below).  This quest gives two skill points.
  • Happy As a Clam Digger – Astaia hates collecting clams but wants to make clam stew for her brother.  She asks you to go to the shallow waters south of Ruth’theran Village (through the red portal west of the bank tree) to collect 10 clams.  The clams are easily visible and in the same underwater area as the Baby Octopus (see above).   Once again you need to swim to collect the clams (don’t forget to breath or use a water breathing potion or skill).
  • Stocking Up – to help replenish the food stocks for Darnassus, Astaia wants you to catch 5 Lake Whitefish from any of the lakes or ponds in Darnassus.  No real need to move, just cast a line and fish and you should get a Lake Whitefish every 1-3 casts.
  • An Old Favorite – Astaia asks you to bring her 8 Kaldorei Herring (a hot favorite of the inhabitants of Darnassus) from the waters around Ruth’theran Village.  Take the portal to the village (next to the flight point, west of the Bank Tree) and head for the water.  Every 1-3 casts should bring up a herring.


Grimnur Stonebrand is the fishing trainer standing on the porch of the Travelling Fisherman in the Forlorn Caverns.  He offers five dailies:

  • One for the Ages – Grimur wants you to catch one of Old Ironjaw’s many offspring, a Young Ironjaw for display on a plaque in the library.  The Young Ironjaw can be fished up from the pool opposite Grimur in the Forlorn Caverns after two or three casts.  Once you catch the fish mount it on the prepared plaque on the wall of the Hall of Explorers (just before reaching the library with all the NPCs) and then return to Grimnur.  (Note: Old Ironjaw or one of his offspring has already been mounted on the west wall of the Travelling Fishman.)
  • Fish for Squirky -  Fish up 3 Blind Minnows from the pool in the Forlorn Caverns to feed to Grimnur’s pet murloc, Squirky.  It takes about 2-5 casts per minnow.  Once you have caught 3, feed them to Squirky and than talk to Grimnur.  Simple.
  • Cold Water Fishing – Grimnur wants you to catch 5 Arctic Char in Helm’s Bed Lake in eastern Dun Morogh (just before the South Gate Pass).  Fly (if you can) or use the Gol’Bolar Quarry flight point if you have it.  (Arctic Char can be caught in other lakes and ponds throughout Dun Morogh.)
  • The Gnomish Bait-o-matic – Grimnur wants you to get three components necessary to build a new improved fishing lure invented by one of the gnomes, namely – 3 Shiny Baubles (purchased from the Tansy Puddlefizz Fishing Supplier just inside the Travelling Fisherman), a Hair Trigger purchased from Gearcutter Cogspinner the Engineering Supplier in Tinkertown (for 89 silver 50 copper when friendly with Ironforge) and 3 Rat Traps scattered about the Deeprun Tram station (entrance in Tinkertown).  Once you have all the components, click on the Bait-o-Matic blueprints to build the contraption and give it to a skeptical Grimnur.  For lower level toons, this particular daily will cost more coin than you will receive for it.
  • Live Bait – travel to Helm’s Bed Lake (eastern Dun Morogh) and apply the bait that Grimnur gives you to yourself, then jump into the lake.  Once the crayfish have attached themselves you have 10 minutes walk or run to the Cooking Trainer Ghilm in Gol’Bolar Quarry (just to the west).  Mounting or shape shifting  (Druids) will dislodge the Crayfish Catch.


Fishing Trainer Kah Mistrunner on the third level of the central rise or mesa (where Bain Bloodhoof and the weapon traders are and just one level down from the Wind Rider Master) also offers 5 dailies:

  • Craving Crayfish – Kah asks you to get 10 Stonebull Crayfish from Stonebull Lake.  Unlike with the cooking crayfish dailies in Stormwind & Orgrimmar, you will need to use your fishing rod to catch these crayfish (with about 1 in 3 casts being successful).  The quickest way to Stonebull Lake is to fly whether by your own mount or by taking the Winder Rider (in the top level of the large column to the east of Kah) to Bloodhoof Village.
  • Shiny Baubles – Kah wants you to collect 20 shiny pebbles from the base of the central rise of Thunderbluff and deliver them to Nahari Cloudchaser (the Jewellcrafting trainer) so that she can make more fishing lures (ie shiny baubles).  The stones show up with “find minerals”, they respawn very quickly and can be found just above the grass line around the base of the central rise.  Hand in the stones to Nahari standing in Cloudchaser Jewell Crafting, immediately south of the bridge hut to the Spirit Rise and three huts to the north after you take the main lift (western side of central rise) up again. This quest gives 2 fishing skill points.
  • The Ring is the Thing – one of the Forsaken has lost a ring in the Pools of Vision (Spirit Rise).  Kah wants you to catch and fillet Blind Cavefish in the Pools (inside the cave on the east side of the bridge from the central rise) and then fillet them in an attempt to find the ring.  It may take several casts and a few blind cavefish before you find Poshken’s Ring.  Then give the ring to Poshken Hardbinder , the undead Inscription Trainer standing on the east side of the pool.
  • The Race to Restock – Kah wants you to restock Thunderbluff’s Fishing Pond with 2 Randy Small Fish and 2 Amorous Mudsnappers.  These fish can be caught with your fishing rod with a small number of casts (2-6) in Stonebull Lake (next to Bloodhoof Village).  The quickest way to the Lake is to fly to Bloodhoof Village  (whether by your own mount or the Wind Rider).  Once you have caught the fish, fly back and hand them to Kah Mistrunner.
  • Pond Predators – Kah wants you to fish up 8 predatory Aszhara Snakehead fish from Thunderbluff Pond (innocently introduced by a well-meaning goblin) before the fish eat up all the other fish in the pond. You will probably catch the snakehead fish ever 1-3 casts.


And for those with a taste for the macabre Fishing Trainer Armand Cromwell (standing on a small pier in from of the Magic Sector in Undercity) offers five fishing dailies.

  • Tadpole Terror – Armand wants you to bring him 8 Giant-fleshing eating tadpoles (mutated due to pollution) from Stillwater Pond.   Approximately every other cast should score a tadpole (14-16 casts in all).
  • Like Pike – To catch the prized massive corpse-fed pike, loot a corpse worm from the graves in the ruined upper city of Lordaeron and apply to your fishing rod before casting in Brightwater Lake (southeast of Undercity).  You will only be able to loot one worm applying the worm to your rod will give a 10 minute buff.  This should be plenty of time as the pike generally takes the bait after only a few casts.  This quest gives 2 fishing skill points.
  • Fish Head – apparently an irate orc has chopped off the head of an abomination and thrown it into the sewers.  Armand wants you to fish up the head and return it to the Master Apothecary to be reattached.  It is a simple matter to fish up the head (after a cast or two).   Once you have the abomination head return it to Master Apothecary Faranell in the Apothecarium.  (There are two entrances to the Apothecarium in the alcoves either side of the Royal Quarter – in the northwest alcove a boardwalk leads to the entrance while in the southeast there is a tunnel like passageway.)
  • Moat Monster - Armand wants you to attract the attention of the Moat Monster with an alliance decoy kit and then to feed it 10 bloated frogs (which have been fed bloated spiders which in turn were fed bloated flies.  (In the cooking daily Would You Like Some Flies With That you are given the job of collecting the flies.)  He gives you a Moat Monster feeding kit which includes the decoy and frogs.  The Moat is on the north side of the open courtyard of the upper city (Ruins of Lordaeron) just before entering the covered entrance leading to the old throne room, tomb and the lifts down to Undercity.  You will probably need to deploy the decoy 3-4 times to feed all 10 frogs to the monster (a large tentacle) as it will submerge after 20 seconds or so.
  • Time for Slime – Armand asks you to collect 10 Squirming Slime Moulds from the slime in the canals in Undercity.  Armand suggests that it would be difficult to fish the wily moulds up and that you “would be better off just diving into the ooze and grabbing these”.   You can either collect the Slime Moulds from under the ooze or cast a line and catch the Slime Moulds about every 2-3 casts.

The fishing dailies will help increase your fishing skills while giving money, reputation, experience and the chance of useful potions, fishing lures, recipes (for Captain Rumsy’s Lager), companion pets (e.g. Strand Crawler) or skills (i.e. tracking fishing pools from Weather Beaten Journal) and achievements (Fish or Cut Bait, Gone Fishing, Fish Don’t Leave Footprints ).   The fish you catch are useful for low level cooks.  Remember to attach a lure (easily purchased from the Fishing supplier, auction house or an engineer) if your skill level is too low (i.e. you are catching lots of grey items or junk), to breath while collecting snail, clams or octopus underwater and most of all to relax and have fun.


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Example of a targeting Marcos (can be created with either the computer icon or Escape Key & the Macros).  Once created, place the macro on a toolbar.

/clear target

/tar baby octopus

/script SetRaidTargetIcon(”target”,1)

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