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The Flames of Midsummer

June 25th, 2010

Dancing up a firestorm

The flames are burning brightly across the world of Azeroth with the start of the Midsummer Fire Festival .  Tied to the northern hemisphere summer solstice, this two-week long seasonal event celebrates the height of summer heat with bonfires, fiery pole dancing (reminiscent of spring maypoles of old), special clothes and foods, and juggling flaming torches.   There are factional bonfires to honor or stamp out near the main settlements and in the major cities.

The associated quests give gold, burning blossoms (currency to buy festival related items) and experience (if less than 80).  There are also two pets which can either be purchased (the Captured Flame)  or can drop from seasonal boss Frost Lord Ahune (this year the Frigid Frostling instead of the Scorchling), some novelty items (eg Handful of Summer Petals and Brazier of Dancing Flames) and, as from June 2010 (for characters 75+, though level 78 is required to use the dungeon finder), level 80 epic gear from the seasonal boss Frost Lord Ahune (now a 82 elite) drops.  In addition, for the first encounter each day, there are 2 frost emblems in the satchel of chilled goods.   Engaging in festival activities and eating festival foods gives a number of buffs, including a 10% increase in experience from killing monsters for ribbon dancing.

This guide to the Midsummer Fire Festival gives details on the related quests, achievements, rewards and activities, including the 2010 changes to seasonal boss, Ahune (summoning, loot drops and level).   For 2011 changes to the Festival and location of the Bonfires across Azeroth check out Where are the Fires?


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