The next step, once the portal to the Molten Front has been opened and access to the dailies at Regrowth area and at Malfurion’s Breach has been gained, is to enrol the aid of Druids of Talon & the Shadow Council thus opening up two new areas (the Furnace and Forlorn Spire), quests, dailies and achievements.  The starting quests for these new areas are available from Malfurion Stormrage (in the cave at Malfurion’s Breach), each costing 150 Marks of The World Tree to complete.  It is more or less personal preference which one you choose to open up first though one set of the Shadow Council dailies (starting with Mysterious Seed and leading to the Crimson Lasher) can be done in the Ashen Fields.

Once enough marks are accumulated you can open up first one area and then (at a faster rate with the extra dailies) the second area.  Sadly, you can complete only one of these areas each day, either Wardens or Druids.  Accepting one starting daily (i.e. Into the Fire daily OR The Forlorn Spire) from General Moonfall will phase out the other.

Enlisting allies is a continuing theme in the Molten Front quests and dailies, from enlisting the help of the five Ancients (Goldrinn/Lo’gosh, Aviana, Tortolla, Malorne and Aessina), freeing Commander Jarod Shadowsong and now enlisting the aid of the Druids of the Talon and the Shadow Wardens.  Finally, the aid of the Elderlimb, of Ayla Shadowstorm and of the Armorers (Rickett and Damek Bloombeard) is enlisted.  And the whole enterprise depends on the cooperation between the Cenarion Circle, the Earthen Ring, the Dragon Aspects and the contentious, warring factions of the Alliance and the Horde.  Western society often extols the rugged individual (the John Wayne, Indiana Jones or Rambo type character) who needs no help and does it “my way”.  In reality, it is not a sign of weakness to admit that we depend on the help of others – from those who have build the world we live in to those who now journey with us –  our family, friends and colleagues.  (As the saying goes, “Depression is not a sign of weakness but of being too strong for too long.”)

The Questlines:

Druids of the Talon

Secure the aid of the Druids of Talon for the fight at the Molten Front by speaking to Skylord Omnuron at the Shrine of Aviana (he is up two flights of stairs).  This will cost 150 Marks.

Flight of the Storm Crow

Isara Riverstride, the Innkeeper at Aviana’s Shrine directs you back to Malfurion’s Breech to see how the Druids of the Talon are doing with the fight.  Once you have completed the 4 available dailies at Malfurion’s Breach, Into the Fire will become available from General Moonfall.  This opens up the new area, the Furnace, the Molten Flow and Fireplume Peak.  The quest must be completed each day to access these areas and the other Druid of the Talon dailies.

Furnace Dailies & Fireplume Peak Dailies

Into the Fire

Taldris Moon asks you to escort and protect a Druid of the Talon Windcaller through the furnace (the wall of flames to the northeast of Malfurion’s Breach). Despite what the Windcaller says – stay just a little way behind him as he walks through the flames. It is in fact hard to get that sweet spot – not too close, not too far, especially as it is hard to match the Druid’s slow, measured pace.  On top of that a number of Flamewalkers will spawn and begin attacking you and the Druid as you advance.  The flame is very damaging!  If you do die, try to resurrect on the other side of the flames or at least in the small gap in the flames to the left and continue going.

Once you have crossed the flames, defeat the elite on other side of the flames with the help of the Druids and any other players present.  Once the elite is defeated you should be projected down into the hole into the subterranean Molten Flow, but if not, find the coiled rope on the north side and rappel down.  Hand the quest into Thisalee Crow who is standing a little way into the tunnels. Awards 2 Marks of the World Tree.

Thisalee will then give you two dailies:

Flamewalkers of the Molten Flow – kill 8 Flamewalkers (Sentinels, Shamans or Hunters) in the cavern and return to Thisalee. The Sentinels are warrior types that patrol an area.  They may randomly pick up a party member and carry them away for “a dip in the magma”.  The Shamans are standing on the edge of the lava while the Hunters patrol with charhounds. Gives 2 Marks.

Fire Flowers – collect 5 Luciferns for Choluna.  The ferns are on little islands in the lava or on top of the outcrops.  Use the wind and fire eddies to get onto the top of the outcrops by standing in them and jumping (space bar).  It is best to stand on the islets as the hot lava will interrupt your herb gathering even though it does trivial damage.  Choluna is above ground and to the northeast of the entrance hole.  Gives 2 Marks.


Anren Shadowseeker

On your very first trip to the Molten Flow, make sure you go to the very back cavern where you will find Anren Shadowseeker half-dead in a lava pool.  As part of the quest Need Water Badly, escort him back toward the beginning of the cave (speak to him and then follow him closely as he utilizes the fire vents to jump over the rocks).  Tagging Anren with a raid icon can make this easier.  Hand into Tholo Whitehoof standing near Fireplume Peak (see below) Gives 5 marks.

This will open up a new set of dailies (both here and in Sulfurion Spire – depending on which area you choose for the day.  The daily only becomes available once you finish all the Druids or Wardens dailies for that day.

Now Anren or Tholo will offer one of the following dailies at the Molten Flow, Fireplume Peak or the Forlorn Spire.

Hounds of Shammox – collect 6 Houndbone Ash from the non-elite Charhounds in the Molten Flow or elite Ancient Charhounds in Magna Springs. Gives 1 Mark.

How Hot – Anren (standing near the floating path to Fireplume Peak) asks you to use the thermometer provided to measure the heat of three lava pools at Fireplume Peak – the northwest, the northeast and the central pool at the top of the peak. Gives 1 Mark.

The Flame Spider QueenTholo Whitehoof asks you to collect 8 samples of Flame Venom and Searing Web Fluid (to help study ways of defeating the Flame Spider Queen).  The yellow Cinderweb Creepers spray you with Flame Venom during the fight while the red Cinderweb Spiders (on the pillars) squirt the Searing Web Fluid. Hand in to Anren standing back at Malfurion’s Breach. Gives 1 Mark.

Fandral’s Methods – Tholo asks you to collect supplies from the Igneous Depths – a Flame Druid Staff, a Flame Druid Spellbook, a Flame Druid Reagent Pouch, and a Flame Druid Idol.  This quest can be completed during the Forlorn Spire daily Enduring Heat (see below) or after it.  The items are small and easy to miss. Gives 1 Mark.

To get out of the Molten Flow back to the Furnace – jump at the wind updraught at the very start of the cavern and it will spin you up to the top.  Continue to the northeast to find Choluna.

Fireplume Peak Dailies

This leads to another 2 (out of a possible 5) Fireplume Peak dailies from Morthis Whisperwing and Arthorn Windsong standing facing the edge of the northwest corner of the Furnace just past Choluna.  There are a series of floating stepping stones to Fireplume Peak near the edge where the quest givers are standing. Jump from stone to stone in a gentle curve, gradually getting higher.  Beware of crumbling stones.  If you fall you will be eventually be caught in midair by a Druid of the Talon and placed on the lowest part of the Peak (even if you are heading back to the Furnace).  The way back to the furnace is a lot easier.  Start on the western side of the stones at the narrowest point where the pathway can be easily completed in about three jumps with little risk of falling.  There is a graveyard at lower eastern side of Fireplume Peak (if you die while questing) though it does not appear to be possible to use the vents to climb back to your body in ghost form.

Singed Winds Arthorn would like you to rescue 5 injured druids at Fireplume Peak with the kit she gives you.  Click on the fallen druids in bird form. Gives 2 Marks.

Starting Young Morthis wants you to bring back 5 Fire Hawk Hatchlings.  The hatchlings are either in the air where they hard to access or on the edge of the lava pools where they are difficult to see.  Use Ctrl V to make them more visible.  The biggest concentration is in the lava pool at the top of the Fireplume Peak. Gives 2 Marks.

Peaked Interest Morthis Whisperwing asks you to retrieve a Fire Hawk egg from the top Fireplume Peak.  Cross over using the stepping stones & use the vents to progress up to the very top of the peak.  The eggs (along with some Fire Hawk hatchlings) are in a pool of lava at the top which is guarded by elite 85 Fire Hawk Matriarch who will pursue you as soon as you pick up the egg.  Make a fast escape down the peak and across the stepping stones. Once you have handed the egg to Morthis, the Matriarch will leave off the pursuit.  Gives 2 Marks.

Territorial Birds. Arthorn wants you to cross the stepping stones to Fireplume ridge and kill 5 Fire Hawks in order to keep their numbers in check. Gives 2 Marks.

Fire in the Skies Morthis wants you to use the trained Fire Hawk to kill 100 of the Flamewalker Salamanders, 40 of the Cinderweb Spiders and 3 of the Molten Firelords amassing in the Firelands. This is a bombing raid where you target the mobs while flying over them.  Mount the Trained Fire Hawk next to the quest giver.   The fire hawk will do continual loops over the Lair and until you hit Return to the Furnace.  You have two attacks available, Flame Seed and Flame Burst which work best as a combined attack.  Plant the seed first and then use the burst for maximum damage, preferably targeting large groups of the Flamewalkers and spiders.  It takes the combined attack to down the Firelords (Behemoth like elementals).  Remember also to target the named mobs for achievement (see below).  Gives 2 Marks.

The Shadow Wardens

After accepting the quest from Malfurion (and accumulating the needed 150 marks), speak to Captain Saynna  Stormrunner of the Shadow Wardens standing on the northern side of the Sanctuary of Malorne.  Saynna goes ahead to the Firelands with her companions.

Now the Hunter begins – Matoclaw at the Sanctuary of Malorne sends you to speak to Saynna at the Molten Front.  The captain standing in the cave with Malfurion is planning an assault on the Forlorn Spire.

Taldris Moonfall will now offer the access daily Forlorn Spire, Widow’s Clutch and Igneous Depths (once the 4 Ashen Field dailies are completed.) The quest must be completed each day to access these areas and the other Shadow Warden dailies.

Forlorn Spire Dailies

Accompany and protect the shadow wardens in their assault on the Forlorn Spire.  Cross the Ashen Fields and take the ramp going up to the northeast once the assault party moves out.  (The assault might already be in progress if another player has already started the sequence.)  You and your companions will encounter several elites on the way up.  Once the Pyrelord is defeated, and Taldos has destroyed the Spire with a giant plant, you will be transported to the Spire.  Hand the quest into Marin BladewingThis quest awards 2 marks.

Deldren Ravenelm (standing next to the dead spider) offers any 2 of the following:

Pyroarchanophobia –  Kill 8 Cinderweb spiders.

Wicked Webs – use your weapon (melee or ranged) to free 8 victims of the Cinderweb cocoons.

Egg-tinction – collect 20 Cinderweb spider eggs from the Widow’s Clutch.  The egg sacks are the brown domes on the sides of the columns with each containing 2-4 eggs.  Sometimes collecting eggs will cover you with spiderlings (jump to shake them off) or provoke one of the spiders to draw you up the column with entangling web (kill the spider & then jump down again).  Gives 2 marks.

Marin Bladewing offers one of the following dailies:

Solar Core Destruction – destroy the Solar Core (a floating molten ball in the northeast) just beyond the Cinderweb spider area.  The ball is surrounded by many Druids of Flame who respawn quickly so the best strategy may be to kill a couple and then rush in a click on the ball.  The subsequent explosion will throw you into the air on top of one of the pillars.  Gives 2 marks.

The Wardens are Watching – draw out a Druid of Flame while in the company of a Warden and follow her instructions.  The Warden will accompany you through the Cinderweb spider area (and assist you with fighting the spiders).  Continue northeast to the Widow’s Clutch and attack a druid of flame.  When the druid is about 2/3 health he or she will put up a shield.  Draw the druid over the trap set by the Warden who will then return separately with his prisoner.  Gives 2 marks.

Having completed either of these dailies Marin Bladewing gives:

Enduring the Heat – destroy all the runes (blue glowing circles) in the Igneous Depths.  The entrance to the cavern is on the eastern wall of the Magma Springs.  There are ramps down on either side of the wall (Ashen Fields end or the Widow’s Clutch end) but it is just as easy to jump down.  Once at the cave enter and click on each of the glowing blue rune circles.  Don’t stop to fight the adds but keep running towards the next rune in a rough figure of eight course.  The runes give you some protection from damage and destroying them (Right click) takes out all the following hostiles that are close by (so wait a little while for maximum affect).  Once you have destroyed all the runes, the adds will disappear and you can exit and hand in the quest to Teresa Barkskin at the entrance at your leisure.


The Crimson Lasher

On your first visit to the spire – look out for a quest drop Mysterious Seed from looting a Druid of Flame. Hand the seed into Avilia standing next the portal from the Breach to the Regrowth.  These leads to the quests Planting Season (plant the seed in the earth at the grave yard) and Little Lasher (Bring the Lasher back to Avilia; 5 marks) From now on one of the following dailies becoming available:

Embergris – collect 5 from the Embergris from Charred Soldiers or Charred Vanquishers in the Ashen Fields.

Steal MagnoliasAvilia wants you to collect 8 Magnolias from the Magma Springs in the company of the Crimson Lasher.  You can collect the small molten flowers from the magma pools on the northern edge of the Ashen Fields or go further into the Magma Pools to the north – just watch out for the 85 Lava Bursters, Core Hounds and Elite Behemoths that sleep, patrol or can spawn in this area as you are picking the flowers.  Every so often a non-elite Lava Burster tries to pick the flower at the same time as you and will erupt from the lava and attack. Gives 1 Mark.

Some Like it Hot – Observe the Crimson Lasher’s reaction to the 6 Ember Pools of burning fire spewed out by the Emberspit Scorpions during combat.  The dark grey rock coloured Scorpions can be found in the northern edge of the Ashen Fields and in the Magma Pools proper.  If you keep your DPS low, you may get 3-5 pools of lava from one scorpion.  Gives 1 Mark.

Note that the Tholo and Anren dailies and the Crimson Lasher dailies are both available each day regardless of whether you choose the Druid of the Talon or the Shadow Warden dailies.  However, while the Lasher dailies can be done in the Ashen Fields, the Tholo and Anren dailies can only be picked up at the Furnace or the Forlorn Spire – depending of which area you chose that day.

Having opened most of the areas and dailies of Malfurion’s Breach, you can accumulate marks more quickly to gain access to the final three questlines:  Additional Armaments, Calling the Ancients and Filling the Moonwell.  [Post to come soon.]


It is now also possible to complete some more achievements – some which can be started in the Regrowth and/or the starting areas of Malfurion’s Breach and some of which are done entirely in the new areas.

Fireside Chat

Speak to various NPCs (i.e. ask the question under the offered quest dialog) during the battle of the Molten Front. The NPCs are stationed at various locations including the Sanctuary of Malorne, Malfurion’s Breech, the Furnace and the Forlorn Spire.  Note that while access to the Molten Front is available once the Ancients are assisted, Commander Jarod Shadowsong will only be available at Malfurion’s Breech after you have freed him and enlisted his aid (the quest series starting with Tortolla standing at the start /side of  and concluding with .)

  • Matoclaw is standing on the steps at the Sanctuary of Malorne.  Ask “Tell me about the Ancient Malorne?”
  • Dorda’en Nightweaver is standing near the tent with the Archdruid at the Sanctuary of Malorne – once the quest line Leyara is completed & Hamuul has been almost burnt to death.  Ask Dorda’en “How is Hamuul doing?”
  • Malfurion Stormrage is standing in the cave at Malfurion’s Breach once Through the Gates of Hell is completed.  Ask “How are we doing in the battle?” or “What are we building here?”
  • Taldis Moonfall is standing outside the cave at Malfurion’s Breach.  Ask “Can you tell me about the Sentinel Tree, General?”
  • Commander Jarod Shadowsong moves about in the area in front of the cave at Malfurion’s Breach at the entrance to the Ashen Fields.  You will not find him until you have freed him and defeated the Twilight forces in .  Ask, “Commander Shadowsong, what are Marks of the World Tree?”
  • Thisalee Crow is in, the cavern in the Molten Flow beneath the Furnace.  You will need to have completed Into the Fire (see above) to get to her.  Ask “How do I get out of here?”
  • Arthorn Windsong is standing in northeast corner of Furnace, facing Fireplume Peak. Ask “What more can you tell me about these fire hawks?”
  • Deldren Ravens is standing at the entrance of the Forlorn Spire (once has been completed).  Ask “What can you tell me about these spiders?”

Flawless Victory – requires defeating unaided one of the elite 85 Molten Behemoths in the Magna Springs without being damaged by the giant’s two special attacks – the melee range Molten Stomp and the long distance Fiery Boulder.

Master of the Molten Flow

This achievement requires three feats:

  • Kill a Flamewalker with its own Flamewake.  This is relatively easy – just kite the Flamewalker back into its own Flamewake (a wall of fire type of attack).
  • Kill a Sentinel while it is carrying a party member. This one is hard though not impossible to solo It requires landing a killing blow on a sentinel while it is carrying a party member, including pets or indeed yourself, into the lava (sentinels will do this sporadically for a period of time); and
  • Kill a Hunter while not sustaining hit by its wild barrage.  Not all the Flamewalker Hunters have the wild barrage ability, though the seem more likely to do so.  If they do, it requires moving out of range quickly once the cast bar goes up and then, while keeping the hunter’s attention/aggro, staying out of range of the rain of arrows while they last. Move in a continual evasive pattern (zigzagging in a rough semi-circle).

Death From Above – Bomb sixed named elementals (Ragepyre, Blazefury, Flashfire, Hatespark, Heatflayer and Singeslayer) in a bombing run in the Molten Front (during Fire in the Skies daily from the Druids of the Talon).  There are usually only 2 or 3 of the elementals active each daily. They are often on the edges of the different areas and in range for just a second or two.  However, with patience and a few runs, each of the elementals can be targeted for this achievement.

King of Spider Hill – reach the highest point in Widow’s Clutch.  This is not too hard with a little patience.  Basically you need to climb the high cinder block like hill north of the Forlorn Spire (southern end of the Widow’s Clutch).  As flight is not possible in the Molten Front – this requires using the red Cinderweb Spiders who will, once aggro-ed, will pull you to their position with their sticky red Entangling Web.  Start at the base, and target spiders a little higher than you with whatever ranged attacks or taunts you have and move in a rough spiral up the face of the spur.  The main difficulties are line of sight problems and the spacing of the spiders.

Have fun rallying the troops on the Molten Front – and don’t forget to make meaningful allies in real life.  After all, the dangers and adversaries in the Furnace and the Forlorn Spire may be more epic and glamorous but the perils of everyday life leave real scars.   Life was not meant to be lived alone. As an ancient sage once said, “Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.”  (Ecclesiastes 4:12NIV)   And, as if often said, one of the best ways of making good friends is to be one!


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Newly Remembered Elders of the Cataclysm

Posted February 1st, 2012 by Kharin


The giant two-headed white wolf paces impatiently beside the moonlit lake – no milling crowds, no one to challenge him as he roars, the sound of fireworks long since silenced – just a lonely skeleton lying forlornly on the grass, the remains of some poor soul who in desperation attempted to defeat this raid level boss single-handedly.  Moonglade is deserted. Admittedly it’s the early hours of the morning Server Time but this is still a far cry from two years ago – or even last year when friend & foe congregated in large numbers to take down this seasonal monster.  Perhaps, with no improved loot or valor points Omen no longer commands the respect he once held.

However, the Elders have not been entirely forsaken.  And there have been a few minor changes to the Lunar Festival in 2012.

  • The new achievement Elders of the Cataclysm is now necessary for the title Elder and meta-achievement To Honor One’s Elders.
  • Now, when you speak to the Elder you will receive a coin of ancestry and the lucky red envelope at once (in the past the red envelop arrived in the mail).
  • The elders will now show up as a golden quest mark on your mini-map as you approach their positions, making them easier to locate.
  • Companion pets Lunar Lantern (Alliance) or Festival Lantern (Horde) can be purchased off Valadar Starsong in Moonglade for 50 coins of ancestry (which obviously mean speaking to a minimum on 50 elders.  There are elders at some of the smaller towns (not just the ones required for the achievements – see below).  As the pet is BOE, it can be bought or sold at auction houses, including the neutral auction houses at Everlook, Gadgetzhan and Booty Bay.

Check out for other tips on the quests and achievements of this seasonal event in Honoring our Elders.

For the whereabouts of the various Elders check out:

Where are the Elders? For the positions of the Elders of Kalimdor, the Elders of the Eastern Kingdoms, Elders of Alliance and Elders of the Horde.

Elders in Danger gives the positions of the Elders of the Dungeons & Elders in Northrend.

For the position of the Elders of the Cataclysm see below.

In Kalimdor:

Mount Hyjal

Mount Hyjal, in northern Kalimdor, is accessible either by flying or by portal from Stormwind or Orgrimmar following the lead-in quests available at level 80.  Portals to Stormwind and Orgrimmar are on either side to the entrance at the inn at Nordrassil.

  • Elder Evershade (62.5 22.8) at Nordrassil is standing outside on the south side of the Inn (near the Stormwind portal).
  • Elder Windsong (26, 62) is at the Sanctuary of Malorne in southwest Mount Hyjal.


The elders are situated in two of the ruins in the south and north of Uldum.  The portal to Uldum is accessible after completing the lead-in quests available at level 83 (& starting with the caravan waiting outside the entrance to Uldum).  Otherwise, it is accessible at ground level through the gate at Thistlescrub Valley in the southwest corner of Tanaris, by swimming southwest of Land’s End Beach or by flying mount.

  • Elder Menkhaf (65.5, 18.7) stands at the northeast corner of Khartut’ Tomb in the small sunken area east of the very large Sphinx-like statue. Khartut’s Tomb is just inside the entrance to Uldum from Tanaris.
  • Elder Sekhemi (32.6, 63) is in the northern half of Ruins of Ammon on the central south coast of Uldum. He stands at the bottom of the stairs and to one side, in front of the western jackal-headed statue.

In Eastern Kingdoms:

Twilight Highlands

The Highlands lead-in quests are accessible at 84.  After completing a series of quests a portal is established between Stormwind and Highbank in the south (Alliance) or Orgrimmar and Dragonmaw Port in the north(Horde).  Otherwise, you can fly to the Highlands.  Ground access is possible from the northeast of the Wetlands through the Dragonmaw Gate & the Dragonmaw Pass.  Watch out for hostile level 84 mobs when speaking to both Elders.

  • Elder Darkfeather (51, 33) at the Thundermar Ruins in the north of Twilight Highlands.  He stands next to a well, down the hill from the main square of Thundermar and just north of the Verall River.
  • Elder Firebeard (50, 70) is at the Dunward Ruins just south of the Crucible of Carnage & west of the Obsidian Forest in southern part of the Twilight Highlands.

In Vashj’ir:

If you haven’t yet done the lead in quests (available at 80) you could complete to catch the boat (& the cut scene).  Alternatively, it is possible (and probably quicker) to fly to Vashj’ir from the Dun Morogh coastline – just take the shortest route and fly through the fatigue.

  • Elder Moonlance at the Biel’aran Ridge (57, 86) in the ruins in furthest southeast corner of the Shimmering Expanse, just south of factional ships Voldrin’s Hold (Alliance) or Legion’s Rest (Horde).

In Deepholm:

To get to the Temple of the Earth and Deepholm you need to have completed the lead-in quests available at 82+.  The only other way is by summons (either ‘lock or Stonecore meeting stone).

  • Elder Stonebrand (49.7 54.9 ) inside the Temple of the Earth stands a short distance in from the entrance of the Temple (on the west side).
  • Elder Deepforge (27.7 69.2) is at Stonehearth in the southwest of Deepholm west of the Master’s Gate and south of the Quaking Fields.

The world of Azeroth is littered with forgotten places, abandoned by the crowds in the inexorable tide of progression towards uber gear and the most up-to-the-minute raids.  Dalaran, Wintergrasp, the Argent Tournament, even Tol Barad and poor old Omen are only the latest in a long line of deserted arenas of past glory.  Who haunts the halls of Karazhan or Naxxaramus these days except for nostalgia’s sake or in pursuit of a lonely achievement? Who saunters through Shattrath or sets their hearth stone to Silvermoon City or Exodar except the occasional quester leveling as fast as possible on their way to 85? It does seem a little ironic that Moonglade, the home of festival that celebrates the heroes of the past, is itself passé.

Yet such is not only the mechanics of the game but the zeitgeist of the age.  Science schools and business studies get funding and accolades while history, philosophy and theology departments shrivel up in our universities and colleges.  And, while it is indeed good advice to not confuse the rear view mirror with the windshield (or windscreen), rear view mirrors are still essential for safe driving.  A wise person occasionally looks over his/her shoulder and remembers where they came from and how they got there.  David McCullough has said, “A nation that forgets its past can function no better than an individual with amnesia.”  Memory not only links us to our past actions and experiences, it connects us with our family and community, it is vital for our self-identity and it helps us navigate the uncertain future.  As the great Hebrew leader, Moses enjoined, “Is this the way you repay the LORD, you foolish and unwise people? Is he not your Father, your Creator, who made you and formed you? Remember the days of old; consider the generations long past.  Ask your father and he will tell you, your elders, and they will explain to you.” Deut 32:5-6

Let’s not make the blunder of too readily dismissing the glories and wisdom of the past elders/fathers and mothers of our nation even while we learn from their mistakes.


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Come One! Come All! Be Amazed at the Wonders of the Darkmoon Faire – the Darkmoon Faire starts the first Sunday of every month.

Kharin’s  Seasonsonl Guides

Explorer revisted

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The Darkmoon Faire is now welcoming visitors to Darkmoon Island for fun and mayhem.  While still under the management of Silas Darkmoon, the Faire is no longer the washed out carnival of the past. It has been radically revamped – including a lead in quest, teleport to the staging post, a whole new area, more games, mounts, companion pets, achievements, quests & dailies. During the weeklong celebration of the Faire at the start of each month, Darkmoon Faire Mystic Mages in the factional capitals offer the lead-in quest (The Darkmoon Faire).  They will also – for a small fee – teleport you to the staging area of the Faire in Goldshire, Elywyn Forest (Alliance) or near the base of Thunderbuff, Mulgore (Horde).  A portal at the staging area transports you the Darkmoon Faire Isle shrouded in mist and mystery somewhere in the Great Sea.

On arrival, take the path (marked by arrow) down through the dark woods (watched by the flashing eyes in the bushes reminiscent of Duskwood), until you come to the carnival area.  Like Shattrath, Dalaran and the Argent Tournament, the path through the woods and Faire are Sanctuary areas with fighting between factions forbidden.  This, however, is not true of other parts of the Island.  At the south end of the carnival area on the Boardwalk are two portals back to Alliance and Horde staging areas.

The Faire now offers new attractions, monthly quests, dailies, achievements, reputation and vendors of rare and mysterious objects.  Moreover, the Tauren Chieftains currently play at the Faire regularly.  The Exposition, South, West and East Pavilions are still under construction – no doubt  new experiences and rewards await us once they are completed.


From their different booths or carts, Darkmoon vendors offer (in exchange for Darkmoon Faire Prize Tickets though sometimes for gold) diverse wares such as special food, drink, epic and heirloom gear,  Darkmoon game tokens, balloons, novelty items, speciality fireworks, companion pets and mounts (including a Dancing Bear).    The Darkmoon tickets (placed in your currency page) are earned by doing the monthly quests or the dailies and replace the now old tattered and useless tickets earned before 2012.


The games and attractions have been expanded from the old faire and have a midway or sideshow alley feel about them.

The Games

Each of the games requires a Game Token. They can be purchased in a pouch (5 tokens) or sack (20 tokens) from Zina Sharpworth at the north entrance of the Faire grounds, Sazz Coincatcher next to the Shooting Gallery or Trixi Sharpworth closer to the Boardwalk in the south. Dismount (if mounted) and speak to the appropriate vendor when ready to play.  A special tool bar will appear for one minute.  Additional tokens will give additional minutes of play. Each game is associated with a daily which awards a prize ticket and reputation (see below).

  • Tonk Battle Blast targets with your steam tonk while avoiding damage by enemy zeppelins and tonks.  Use the nitrous boost if you are marked by the enemy tonk to shake them off. (In the separate arena you can battle against tonks of other players though this does not award a ticket.)
  • Cannon Launch yourself from the 5000 Blastenheimer Ultra Cannon operated by Maxima Blastenheimer.  Once launched you can float with your wings, or shed the wings to land on or near one of the targets in the sea.  Landing nearby gets you 1 point, within the ring gives you 3 points and a bulls eye gets 5 points.  You can speak to Fozlebub, who is fishing on the shore, to port you back to the canon for a small fee.
  • Whack-a-Gnoll While Sayge doesn’t really approve, this is a fun filled game in which the aim is to whack gnolls.  Speak to Mola to play the game. Three types of gnolls pop out of the barrels – aim to hit the regular (give 1 point), Hogger (give 3 points) and avoid the babies which will stun if you hit them. After one minute players are stunned and transported out of the ring.
  • Ring Toss – the aim of this game is to toss rings on to a pole on the back of a slow moving turtle.  Make sure you are standing close to the counter and then place the targeting circle on the turtle and click.  This is by far the easiest game and should only need one game token to complete the corresponding daily.
  • Shooting Gallery – shoot targets at Rinling’s booth.  Make sure you are standing against the counter (not on it or back from it) and shoot at the target with the green arrow over it.  Hitting the target within a second of the arrow appearing awards quick shot.

Other Attractions

  • Fortune Teller- the Gnoll Sayge will give you an hour buff (e.g. Damage, Intelligence, Armor) once you have answered a series of questions.  He will also supply written fortune cookie style sayings on request.
  • Zoo & Petting Zoo – a large display of exotic animals plus a small area where you can ride a Darkmoon pony (for I Was Promised a Pony achievement) or ram.
  • Darkmoon Deathmatch – Korgal Crushskull places a chest full of goodies at the centre of the fighting pit to be claimed by the quick, the strong and the brave every 3 hours from midnight.  Winning the bout awards a trinket and Darkmoon Duelist achievement.
  • The Tauren Chieftains – the Chieftains are currently playing hourly on the stage at the south end of the Carnival.  If you haven’t experienced this show, it’s well worth experiencing the show.

Monthly Quests

There a couple of general quests (available from level 5).

  • The Darkmoon Faire Lead in quest obtained from Darkmoon Faire Mystic Mages in the factional cities – often near either auction houses (eg Ironforge, Stormwind City) or the gryphon or windrider handlers (eg Orgrimmar, Darnasuss  & in a way at Thunderbluff,).  On handing the free voucher to Gelvas Grimgate, he will give you Darkmoon Adventure Journal & 5 prize tickets.
  • Test Your Strength – the Strong woman Kerri wants you to collect 250 grisly trophies to show you strength.  These drop from creatures that award honour or experience as long as you have the Adventure Guide.  Awards 10 Prize Tokens.

The majority of the monthly quests linked to professions become available at Level 10 (& are not available to lower level toons even if they have trained in one or several professions.)

Quests connected to secondary professions

  • Fun for the Little Ones – Collect 15 fossil fragments from Archaeology for Professor Thaddeus Paleo to bury in the sandpit for the children.  Handing in the quest gives +5 in Archaeology skill, a Game Token, 3 Prize Tokens and Darkmoon Faire Rep.  The fossil fragments will be used up.
  • Spoiling for the Salty Sea Dogs - Stamp Thunderhorn asks you to catch 5 Herring in the ocean around Darkmoon Island.  Awards +5 fishing skill, 1 game token, 3 prize tokens, experience and reputation.
  • Putting the Crunch in the Frog – Stamp Thunderhorn asks you to flour and cook 5 plump frogs, using the cauldron at the back of his stall.  You will need simple flour from a trade goods vendor (for Alliance – Tharynn Bouden stands near the staging area at Goldshire).  Awards +5 cooking skill, 1 game token, 3 prize tokens, experience and reputation.
  • Putting the Carnies Back Together Again – Heal 4 injured Carnies with the bandages supplied by Chronos. Awards 5 points in First Aid, 1 game token, 3 prize tokens, experience and reputation.

Primary professional skills

Most of the professional quests can be completed without leaving the faire grounds, except perhaps when common trade goods like coarse thread, blue dye or simple flour are needed.   There are either collecting or crafting quests, for instance:

  • Tan My Hide – Scrap 4 skins staked out around the carnival Grounds.  Awards +5 Skinning Skill, 1 game token, 4 prize tokens, experience and reputation.
  • Rearm, Reuse, Recycle – Ringling asks you to collect 6 Tonk metal scraps around the Faire grounds.  Awards +5 Mining Skill, 1 game token, 4 prize tokens, experience and reputation.
  • Eyes on the Prize – Ringling (at the Shooter’s Gallery) asks you to use the Darkmoon construction kit and some common vendor items (shiny baubles available from the Fishing Vendor in a booth on the Board Walk, blue dye, coarse thread) to construct 5 Darkmoon Prizes.  Awards +5 Leatherworking Skill, 1 game token, 4 prize tokens, experience and reputation.
  • Keep the Faire Sparkling cut 5 sparkling gemstones from bits of glass found about the Faire grounds.  Awards +5 Jewell crafting Skill, 1 game token, 4 prize tokens, experience and reputation

There are also specific quests for inscription, blacksmithing, enchanting and tailoring.


Dailies require a specified number of points or hits within the different games of the Faire.  The scores can be accumulated over a number of game sessions (not just within the minute). It’s Hammer Time (Whack-a-Gnoll) requires 30 points; Tonk Commander requires hitting 30 targets, He Shoots , He scores! (Shooting Gallery) requires 25 of hits, Target: Turtle! requires landing 3 rings while  A Human Cannonball needs 5 points (a bulls eye or some combination of points).  Each daily rewards one Darkmoon Prize Ticket.


There are a range of new achievements (look under World Events: Darkmoon Faire) from the dead easy (e.g. Come One! Come All! – attend a Darkmoon Faire), to the relatively easy (e.g. Step Right Up – play all 5 of the Faire games or Faire Favours – complete at least 6 profession-based DM Monthly quests) to the more difficult (Darkmoon Duelist – win the Darkmoon Deathmatch and receive the pit fighter trinket)!  At this stage at least, there is no meta-achievement or title for completing a number of these achievements.


Monthly quests and dailies all award Darkmoon Faire reputation. Darkmoon Cards can still be collected and can be handed in to Professor Thaddeus Paleo in exchange for a trinket and reputation with the Faire.

All in all, the Darkmoon Faire now offers many more incentives to visit.  Now visitors will surely include – not only those who wish to build Darkmoon Rep for the Insane in the Membrane Achievement or to hand in the Darkmoon cards for quickly surpassed Trinket– but anyone who would like to level their professions, get some cool new companion pets or mounts, or some classic armor to use as a model on which to transmogrify their current set or just for a change of scenery or some pvp fun in the pit.

With a name like Darkmoon, it is little wonder that the Faire has a dark and mysterious atmosphere accentuated by the perpetual misty twilight of Darkmoon Island – from stormy sky, to the twisting path hemmed in by dark twisted trees leading downwards with its enticing verse*, the bodiless red eyes winking in the dark bushes, the almost deserted woods surrounding the faire grounds and, over the entrance, the large staring fiery eye – so reminiscent of Tolkien’s Eye of Sauron –gazing at all who approach and enter in the Faire grounds.  So far the amusements of the faire seem mostly innocuous.  As the official promo says,

“Mist-shrouded Darkmoon Island is a conundrum wrapped in an enigma. It’s a place of mystery and wonder, and you wouldn’t believe the deals we made to get it… or who we made ‘em with. But never mind that, just follow me right through here and I’ll show you what the Darkmoon Faire is all about.”

Do I detect just a hint of intrigue here? What deals have been made and with whom?  Sometimes, a path that seems enticing and innocuous can  lead one into darkness, distress, danger and despair.  What harm can seeking one’s future fortune do? Caveat emptor Let the buyer beware!


*Ahead of You, Down the Path
A Majestic, Magical Faire!
Ignore the Darkened, Eerie Woods
Ignore the Eyes That Blink and Stare
Fun & Games & Wondrous Sights!
Music & Fireworks to Light Up the Night!
Do Not Stop! You’re Nearly There!
Behold, My Friend: THE DARKMOON FAIRE!

-The signs on the Darkmoon Path leading to the Faire

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Carolling the Greench

Posted December 29th, 2011 by Kharin


Winter’s Veil is here again with presents under the tree, including a Sweater to go carolling in, while the Abominable Greench – bigger, meaner and more ambitious than before – is doing his best to spoil the season’s fun.  Even as the dwarves and taurens lament that Azerothians have forgotten the true meaning of Winters Veil; a huge green raid-style elite yeti, the Abominable Greench has stolen Metzen the Reindeer and the Winter Veil treats, impounding them in or near his cave in the Hillsbrad Foothills. Here he fiercely guards his spoils from all comers.

In 2011 Winter Veil remains substantially the same – though there are two main changes:

Firstly, the new ???  Boss Level Greench has stolen the Winter Treats AND kidnapped Metzen – so there is no longer the need to traipse over to Tanaris or Searing Gorge this year.  On the other hand, the quest is now restricted to toons 80+.  After accepting You’re a Mean One from Wulmort Jinglepocket (Alliance) or  Kaymard Copperpinch (Horde), head to Growless Cave in the Hillsbrad Foothills.  The Greench has 3.44M health and have some powerful indirect  attacks (Abominable Crush & Throw Winter Veil Trees) as well as crowd control spell Throw Strange Snowman– all of which can be avoided by running out of range – and a stacking debuff Shrink Heart (removed by movement).  The good news is that you don’t need to be in a party to get credit – even horde and alliance can combine to take him down.  Once the Greench is defeated the evil gnomes guarding Metzen will run away, the reindeer is automatically freed and you will also be able to approach the cave and loot one of the sacks of stolen goodies.  Even if you die during the fight or arrive after it, you can still get credit by speaking to Metzen and looting one of the sacks before the Gre Read more »

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Brewing Up a Festival

Posted September 24th, 2011 by Kharin


The unusual sound of whip cracks echoing across the frosty air around Kharanos aroused my dwarf hunter’s curiosity.  As she ventured towards the road to Ironforge, rams ridden at breakneck speed by characters of different races and all levels flashed past.  In what now seems eons ago, I stumbled on my very first seasonal event – Brewfest.  Being introduced to the joys of riding and the riotous defence of the festival from the dastardly iron dwarves soon had me hooked on seasonal events.

Modelled on Oktoberfest, this festival revolves around the pleasures of ale, food and mayhem without the normal drawbacks of hangovers the next day.  Each year, towards the end of September and beginning of October, the rival dwarvish families of Thunderbrews and Barleybrews and the Gordok Ogres set up pavilions at the foot of the ramp up to Ironforge while the the Orges with the Troll T’chali’s Voodoo Brewery and the Orc Drohn’s Distillery set up outside Orgrimmar.  Festival foods and brews as well as souvenirs, borrowed mounts and job opportunities are all on offer.

This guide looks at the quests, dailies and achievements of Brewfest. Read more »

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In the first level of dailies at the Sanctuary of Malorne, Malfurion’s Breach and Ashen fields once again the heroes will be called to put their might and skills to the test in the never ending struggle to keep Azeroth safe.  And while some may suffer death such failure is never final and all will be rewarded with gold and reputation.  It often seems in a world of warcraft that it the strong and well geared that survive and thrive and there is no doubt that the Molten Front is for the highest level of hero (level 85).  Yet these new dailies highlight that the ties of friendship, loyalty, working together for a common cause and assisting the weak are ideals that are as important as the possession of strength and skill.  In the Protectors of Hyjal daily, a team of Hyjal Protectors plus one of the any characters encountered in your past heroic endeavours will assist you (though usefulness of the pacifist Lunk’s “no violence” policy seems a little doubtful). In the whimsical achievement The Meek Shall Inherit Kalimdor – the small critters with a little help from you – wreck revenge on the big fiery bullies.  And, as with a number of the quests, all participants in the fight get credit for downing the elite &, in some cases, all are able to loot a quest item – it is common to find alliance & horde players joining together to defeat a common enemy!

This guide will review the dailies and achievements that become available once the Ancients are assisted, the Sanctuary of Malorne restored and a portal into the Molten Front established (See Opening the Portal).  The dailies enable you to earn Marks of the World Tree necessary for opening up further areas and dailies in the Molten Front which is necessary to gain access to further epic items, pet, mount and reputation gains. It also allows the completion of a number of achievements required for the meta-achievement Veteran of the Molten Front.


Dailies from the Sanctuary of Malorne

Dailies at Malorne’s Sanctuary can obtained from the Matoclaw, Mylune, Captain Soren Moonfall and Dorda’en Nightweaver depending on how far you are in the quest line (see Opening the Portal) and what 4 quests are on offer that day. Dailies award gold, 1-2 Mark of the World Tree as well as Guardians of Hyjal and Guild rep.  A total of 6 Marks of the World Tree can be earned each day in the Regrowth/Sanctuary of Malorne dailies.

Matoclaw or Mylune offers a double daily to assist or gain the assistance of one of the Ancients to defeat an elite boss summoned from one of the three portals (northwest, central, and southeast).  While doing these quests keep in mind the achievements The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth, Infernal Ambassadors and Ludicrous Speed (see the section on Achievements below).  It is not necessary to tag the Elite boss to get credit for the kill (though this isn’t always the case with the achievements).

  • Call the Flock – Matoclaw wants you to enlist the power of Aviana against one of Ragnaros’ minions, the elite 85 elemental Millagazor.  She gives you a feather by which you must summon birds (12 Alpine Songbirds, 5 Forest Owls, and 2 Goldwing Hawks) found in the north of the Sanctuary of Malorne and west of the Grove of Aessina. Use the feather to transform into a bird or harpie form and call the required birds when close to them.  The Hawks fly high and are easily spotted though you need to get close to call them.  The Owls tend to fly round the tops of the trees while the songbirds fly close to the ground and in the low lying branches.    This quest awards 1mark.

&  Wings A Flame -  Once you have completed Call of the Flock, Matoclaw asks you to summon and attack the elite 85 elemental Millagazor (a large fiery bird) at the northwest fire portal just north of the Ashen Lake.  Resume your normal fighting form & use the feather to summon Millagazor. This awards 2 marks.

  • Perfecting Your Howl – Matoclaw wants you to use the Fang of the Wolf after killing 10 Firelands Invaders in the Regrowth (the elemental or Naga mobs the valleys of the Regrowth but not the elites of Sethria’s Roost).  Using the fang transforms you momentarily into a semblance of a howling Goldrinn (or Lo’gosh).   This quest awards 1 mark.

&  The Call of the Pack – Once you have completed Perfecting Your Howl, Mataclaw declares that you are ready to face Lylagar, a 85 elite Core Hound.  Summon him using the fang in front of the southeastern fire portal and defeat him.  Gives 2 marks.

  • Spirit Between the Trees – Matoclaw gives you the Staff and wants you to collect 3 of the phantom stags in the eastern Regrowth (giving you a brief crit buff). As long as you have the staff in your bags you (and not your pet) merely need to intersect with the stags to collect them.  The stags dash around the new growth areas in seemingly erratic manner though they actually follow set paths.  It is much simpler to stand in the observed circuit of the stags while you complete other quests (i.e. Relieving the Pressure with which this daily is usually paired) than to try to chase them down.   This quest awards 1 mark.

The Power of Malorne – summon Naga Flamewalker Galenges at the southeastern portal by planting the staff of in the dirt pile in front of the portal.  Periodically during the fight Malorne’s Antlers will weaken Galenges making him more vulnerable to attack. Gives 2 marks.

  • Those Bears Up There – Mylune (standing to one side of the stairs at the Sanctuary) asks you to climb the trees at Whistling Grove to rescue 6 Mount Hyjal bear cubs. This quest is basically the same as the earlier quest.  Use the ladders to climb the trees, grab a bear, climb to the top them throw the bear down onto the frame with the stretched leather skins. Repeat.  This quest awards 1 mark.

Pyrachnis Slain – Myune now wants you to summon the large elite spider Pyrachnis at the northern portal.  You can use the emerald Mylune has given you to mitigate the poison attack however, for the achievement Infernal Ambassadors you need to defeat Pyrachnis without using the emeraldGives 2 marks.

  • Punting Season – Mylune (standing to one side of the stairs at the Sanctuary) asks you to punt six children of Tortolla (baby turtles) back into the lake and away from the Flame Terrors.  The turtles are immediately north of the Sanctuary.  Once you pick up a turtle, a bar will come up that allows you either to “punt” or put the turtle down.  You will not be able to fight or heal while the bar is up so if you aggro a Flame Terror or two either move towards the lake & aim as quickly as possible or drop the turtle and fight.  Alternatively you can punt the turtles at the Flame Terror (part of the Meek Shall Inherit the Earth).    This quest awards 1 mark.

& Echos of Nemesis – speak to Tooga on the eastern side of Ashen Lake to summon and defeat the Nemesis. The baby turtles will flock to call Nemesis from the central portal.  During Molten Fury take shelter under Tooga’s shell to avoid damage (and help towards Infernal Ambassadors). Gives 2 marks.

Each day Captain Soren Moonfall at the Sanctuary of Molorne (standing between the pillared archway and the stairs to the shrine proper or to the north of the shrine or between these two points) will offer The Protectors of Hyjal.  You must have opened the Portal into the Molten Front to be able to do this daily:

  • The Protectors of Hyjal – Soren asks you to slay 6 Fiery Behemoths or Seething Pyrelords at Sethria’s Roost (immediately south of the Sanctuary over the ridge) with the help of 5 elite companions he has assembled for you.  The companions will join you at Sethria’s Roost & consist of four Hyjal defenders and one ransom named NPC (drawn from about 40 alliance, horde or neutral quest NPCs) such as Thassarian, Chromie, Budd, Helmut Nessingwary as well as many ring-ins like the bard Russell Bower (a tribute to one of WOW’s musical composers).  The elementals are 85 elites. The Behemoths are on the cliff edges throwing fireballs into the valley below or at distant players when facing inwards. The fireball is a very damaging attack and can hit you unexpectedly when engaged with a Pyrelord.  The Pyrelords cast an impenetrable and damaging shield during the fight as well as summoning multiple fire elemental adds.  If there are not enough mobs on the first ledge, keep going to the ledges to the south. However, you will still get credit for the kill whether or not you tagged the mob first.  Once you have defeated 6 elite elementals go back to Soren’s sister Taldris in Malfurion’s Breach to hand in the quest and receive 2 Marks.

The final Sanctuary of Malorne daily will be ONE of the following:

Matoclaw offers:

  • Rage against the FlamesMatoclaw asks you to kill 7 of the fiery invaders.  The invaders include any of the mobs (elementals, naga, elites) found in the both the Regrowth or Sethria’s Roost. Kills completed as part of other dailies (such as Protectors of Hyjal, Perfecting Your Howl ) count toward this quest. It awards 1 mark.


  • Supplies for the Other Side – Matoclaw asks you to collect 7 Blueroot vines to provide water for the druids fighting in the Molten Front.   The vines (similar to Liferoot or the Bluetubers from Razorfen Kraal in appearance) can be found in the vegetated areas around the sanctuary and in the eastern valley of the Regrowth.  They will map with track herbs ability. Gives 1 mark.


On completing the Fate of Runetotem, Dorda’en Nightweaver offers any one of the following 3 quests:

  • Treating the Wounds – Dorda’en Nightweaver wants you to obtain 4 sulphur-laced wrappings from the Fiery Behemoths at Sethria’s Roost to provide fire resistant bandages for injured.  This quest works together with the Protectors of Hyjal as you need to kill the same elite mobs and get extra firepower with the elite squad.  Gives 1 mark.
  • Relieving the Pain – obtain 4 flame-wreathed hearts from Seething Firelords in the southeast at Sethria’s Roost to help relieve Runetotem’s pain.  This quest is easily completed while doing Defenders of Hyjal and gives 1 mark.
  • Releasing the Pressure – Dorda’en instructs you collect 100 Flamewalker scales to relieve the swelling that has resulted from Runetotem’s burns.  The Naga Flamewalkers are in the eastern valley either in groups of 3-5 or roaming about on their own.  Each Naga gives between 10-22 scales. Gives 1 mark.

On any one day you will be offered only 4 dailies at the Sanctuary of Malorne (total of 6 marks).

Molten Front Dailies

Each day four dailies are offered (two from Taldis Moonfall, one from Irontree and one from Rayne Feathersong).  Each of these dailies can be completed in the Ashen Fields and rewards 2 marks. A total of 8 Marks of the World Tree can be earned each day in the Malfurion Breach/Ashen Field dailies at this stage.

General Taldis Moonfall standing next to Captain Irontree and west of the cave offers two of the following dailies:

  • Hostile Elements –  Taldis wants you to kill 8 Charred Soldiers or 8 Charred Vanquishers in the Ashen Fields to the north.  Rewards 2 Marks.


  • The Harder They Fall – Kill 3 Molten Behemoths (85 elites). These Elites are slow moving but their molten stomp is damaging.  They also lob extremely damaging fire boulders into the field (similar to the ones they throw into the valley from Sethria’s Roost) which hits random targets.  Rewards 2 Marks.
  • The Dogs of War – Kill 5 Charhounds or Ancient Charhounds in the Ashen Fields or the Molten Flow.  The dogs look like large fiery skeletal greyhounds.  The non-elite hounds are in the Molten Flow rather than the Ashen Fields.   Gives 2 Marks.
  • Breech the Defenses – Kill 5 Lava Bursters in the area next to the quest givers and the Ashen Fields.  The great worms have Lava Spit and Lava Shower attacks, the last one being particularly damaging.  Gives 2 Marks.
  • Traitors Return – Taldis instructs you to kill 3 Druid of the Flame found throughout the Ashen Fields.  These are particularly agile and wily adversaries that change shape and position often.

The mobs come out of the portals and race towards the Mount Hyjal defenders, the non-elites in particular ignoring players until engaged.  Charred Soldiers and Charred Vanquishers are always present.  The other mobs spawn depending on the daily Taldis gives you (i.e. Behemoths, Charhounds, Lava Busters or Druids of the Flame).  With any of these mobs you can kite them to the Mount Hyjal Defenders and/or draw out those already engaged with the defenders (with lessened health).  AOE attacks can quickly amass multiple mobs, so be careful not to bite off more than you can chew!

Captain Irontree (usually stands next to Taldis Moonfall west of the cave but also be in the cave near Malfurion) offers:

  • Burn Victims – Heal 8 burned victims with the salve provided (or any healing spells or first aid you have).  The victims are scattered about Ashen Fields (usually lying beside the small outcrops and out of the “hotspots” of fighting). It is simpler and less costly (in materials or mana) to apply the salve supplied by Irontree (than to use your own spells or first aid materials).  Rewards 2 Marks.

Rayne Feathersong standing east of the cave offers one of the following dailies:

  • Wisp Away – lead the wisp Rayne gives you to the fire portals in the Ashen Fields so that it can close it.  The portals look like two fiery pillars standing close together which spawn random Fire Invaders at intervals.  The wisp will begin to rotate around the portal as soon as you get close enough.  You then need protect it from the fiery imps that which continually spawn just in front of the portal until it is closed. Rewards 2 Marks. OR
  • Aggressive Growth – Rayne asks you to plant 5 Smothervine seeds in Ashen Piles in the Ashen fields.  Click on the piles of ash scattered.  The green vine (not unlike the tentacles of the Old Gods) will attack and destroy at least one Fireland invader.  Gives 2 marks.

Once you have accumulated 150 Marks you can complete Druids of the Talon or the Shadow Warden quests opening up another group of dailies.

There are a number of Achievements that can be completed while doing the Regrowth and initial Malfurion Breach dailies.

The Meek Shall Inherit Kalimdor – help the critters (the squirrels, songbirds, turtles and bears) get back at their tormentors.

  • Kite an enemy NPC close to treed areas with squirrels – there is one close to the northwest flamegate for instance. The squirrels there will throw nuts at the hostiles. (If you listen carefully you will hear a bonk sound.)
  • Once Millagazor begins to escape at the end of the fight allow the Flock of birds to finish him off.
  • During Punting Season punt one of the turtles at a fire elemental (aiming at its feet) rather than in the lake.  This will knock back the elemental & kill it.
  • After climbing the fir trees in Whistling Grove throw at least one cub onto a sleeping Brimstone Hound rather than the trampoline catcher!

Ludicrous Speed – obtain 65 stacks of Soar while on Call the Flock.  Each time you capture a bird you will acquire a Soar buff (1, 5 or 10 depending on the type of bird) which lasts for 4 seconds. Thus the key to this achievement is locating & getting close enough to the next bird within the time limit (similar to the Turkinator achieve).  This is not easy especially when crowded.  Also, once the correct number of each type of bird has been collected it is no longer possible to collect any more of that type.  However, if the quest is abandoned before completing it, it is still possible to use the Aviana form with the feather (check your bag).  You can continue collect birds regardless of their number and type. Also having maximum view distance and using Ctrl V will make the birds more visible.

Bounce – bounce times without stopping on the trampouline in Whistling Grove.

Infernal Ambassadors – defeat each of the 5 bosses while either avoiding damage from their special attack or not using an assist to defeat them.  It appears to be necessary to be the one to summon & tag each of the bosses to get this achievement (though others joining the fight will not negate it).  With the exception of Nemesis, it is possible to resummon the boss as often as you like until you hand in the final quest.  Look for the summoning item in your bags.

  • After Echoes of Nemesis defeat the giant turtle Nemesis without taking damage from Molten Fury by taking shelter under Tooga’s shell.  This includes damage to your pet, elementals or guardians etc.  An emote will give clear warning that Nemesis is about to erupt though Tooga keeps moving around so keep a note of his position and  for the achieve its best to fight beside or nearby him.  Once you have defeated Nemesis you can’t summon him again that day.
  • While completing Pyrachnis, defeat the large elite spider Pyrachnis at the northwestern portal without using the Emerald of Aessina to mitigate the poison attack.
  • During Call of the Pack avoid damage from Lylagar’s Flame Breath by moving quickly out of the way as soon as he draws breath (see spell attack bar).  Lylagar stands still while he is spewing out flame so you can double around behind the core hound and continue attacking him.
  • With Wings of Flame defeat the fiery bird Millagazor without receiving damage from flame gout.  As the emote directs, moving continually while the gout of flame is targeted at you will prevent damage.
  • During Power of Malorne you need enough Dps to kill the elite Naga Galenges before Malorne’s Antlers will weakens him a second time.

At Sethria’s Roost:

Have… Have We Met? Wave at six NPCS (Linken, Nat Pagle, Mankrik, Helmut Nessingwary, Chromie, Thassarian) accompanying you or any other player present for the achievement.   It can be hard to spot them (Chromie is small for instance whether in her gnome or dragon form) especially when there are a lot of players present.  A targeting macro  (see below) can really help.

For Gang War you need to win a duel while at Sethria’s Roost.

For the four rare spawns required for The Fiery Lords of Sethria’s Roost make sure you (or your party) tag the mob first for the achievement. These mobs are by no means easy to solo – especially if you aggro one of the other elites (Behemoths or Pyrelords) in the area!

Leyara Legacy (the three-part Leyara questline), The Molten Front Offensive, Fireside Chat (speak to a number of named NPCs) and Veteran of the Molten Front can only be partially completed at this stage and will be dealt with in a later post.

In most cases, the first and generally only solution to conflict in Azerothian culture is force (usually pre-emptive and lethal) – quest lines such as the humorous Lunk quests in Searing Gorge or the more serious Makuru’s Vengeance line of quests at the Temple of Telhamat in Hellfire Peninsula or the occasional quests to win over new allies (eg the Sporereggar or the Ogri’la quests) are the exceptions that prove the rule.  The idea is to become the biggest, strongest, best-equipped and most skilled dude around.  Of course, we know that such a direct and violent approach to problem solving would not be advisable in real life but it can be tempting to take a “don’t get mad, get even” approach to people that annoy us.  Tongue in cheek, Blizzard alludes to a different way.  The popular street preacher and rabblerouser who said “The meek … shall inherit the earth” taught and lived a radical way of love and forgiveness.  As the strong of his day (the Romans, the soldiers, the religious authorities) hammered in the nails and strung him up to die, he also said “’Forgive them Father, for they don’t know what they are do” – and within decades his followers had “turned the world upside down” without lifting one sword in anger.  Violence has a habit of breeding an ever-escalating sequence of violence, while forgiveness –never easy or safe – has the power, the potential, the promise of breaking the chain.


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When Cataclysm was launched, it was a toss up whether to start in Mount Hyjal or Vash’jir.  My hunter took the boat to Vash’jir and was literally thrown in the deep end and immersed in that underwater world until the final epic showdown between the Naga and the other servants of the Old Gods and the Elemental Neptulon.  By then it seemed natural to skip Mount Hyjal and go on to Deepholm, then Uldum and finally the Twilight Highlands.  Now that decision has come back to bite me, as with Patch 4.2 new quest lines and series of dailies have opened up to both factions in the Mount Hyjal area with much coveted epic (365) rewards.

To be eligible to start on the quest line you need to be level 85 (and to have completed 81 of 115 Hyjal quests, up to and including Aessina’s Miracle, but not including the 6 Flamegate quests culminating in the Eggwave).   The quests and dailies award generous amounts of gold, guild and Hyjal reputation, a swag of new achievements and (some quests and most dailies) Marks of the World Tree. The Marks can purchase epic 365 items, the satchel of Zen’Vorka (gives chance of companion pet) or be saved to open more advance dailies in other areas within the Molten Front.  Completing the initial quest line will open up dailies at the Sanctuary of Malorne (in the central western edge of Mount Hyjal).  A further quest line that ends with the challenging Through the Gates of Hell (see below) establishes the breach in the Molten Front (a discrete area accessed by a portal close to the Sanctuary) and opens up dailies in the Ashen Fields (Molten Front).  Further dailies and epic items become available once the help of the Druids of the Talon and the Shadow Wardens are enlisted and three more quests have been completed.  For the moment at least the Molten Front is a no-fly zone.

The following guide details the eligibility requirements and introductory quests that unlocks the dailies available at the Sanctuary of Malorne and the dailies available at Malfurion’s Breach within the Molten Front and the requirements for further progression into the Molten Front with additional epic items. For more detail on the dailies see The Meek Shall Inherit Kalimdor and Into the Fire, On to the Spire – Progressing in the Molten Front.

Guardians of Hyjal: Firelands Invasion! – Once you have achieved 85 the Hero Call Board (Alliance) or Warchief’s Command Board (Horde) will either ask you to assist Goldrinn/Lo’gosh, Tortolla, Aviana and Aessina or (if you have already assisted these ancients by completing three quarters of the Mount Hyjal quests up to and including Aessina’s Miracle) directs you to Matoclaw at the Sanctuary of Malorne.

Quests needed to complete Guardians of Hyjal: Firelands Invasion!

In other words, if you haven’t already, you will need to have completed the initial quests at Nordrassil and the adjacent Verdant Thicket to obtain Return to Nordrassil (to speak to green Dragon aspect Ysera) which makes three quest hubs available (Goldrinn/Lo’gosh, Aviana and Aessina).

  • Goldrinn or Lo’gosh Assisted – Ysera in Return of the Ancients sends you to speak to Oomla Whitehorn at Wolf’s Run (in northwest of Mount Hyjal) in the first step to awakening the ancient wolf Goldrinn (Alliance) or Lo’gosh (Horde).  This quest hub includes 17 quests plus another 6 within the portal on Lightning Ridge to the Firelands, finishing with Return from the Firelands.  A vision of Ysera will appear once Goldrinn/Lo’gosh has been assisted.
  • Aviana Assisted – Tiala Whitemane at Nordrassil will send you to Choluna at Aviana’s shrine (close to dead centre of Mount Hyjal) in Wings over Mount Hyjal. There are 17 quests (8 at Sethria’s Roost) before Aviana’s egg is retrieved and Aviana awakened.  Ysera appears to congratulate you.  (Morthis Whisperwing, Druid of the Talon will also offer you the Hatchery must Burn which leads to a series of quests in the Flamegate that culminate in the Egg Wave, the achievement Beware the “Unbeatable”? Pterodactyl and a companion pet.  However, these quests don’t appear to be necessary to open the portal to the Firelands.)
  • Tortolla Assisted – Quests become available at Aessina’s Shrine at the same time as the Goldrinn/Lo’gosh and Aviana quest hubs. Finishing the 12 quests at the Aessina’s Shrine (including the ones at Whistling Grove) opens up the quests from Archdruid Runetotem at the Sanctuary of Malorne south west of the Shrine (6 quests).  The Archdruid then sends you to free the giant turtle Tortolla (3 quests).  Once completed Ysera will appear praising you for earning the respect of an Ancient and signalling that Tortolla has been assisted. It is not necessary to do the later series of Tortolla quests (7 quests plus 5 sideline quests) following Aessina’s Miracle starting with Tortolla’s Revenge and finishing with the Ancients are With Us to open up the new Mount Hyjal daily hubs.
  • Aessina Assisted – Only when you have assisted Aviana, Goldrinn/Lo’gosh and Tortolla (it doesn’t matter in which order) will Ysera ask you to seek out the oldest of trees, Nordu in the Flamewake just south of the Sanctuary of Malorne (The Last Living Lorekeeper).  It is too late to save Nordu from the flames, but he asks you to give him some time by killing 5 Fiery Tormentors (Firefight).  He then gives you the Heart of the Forest to take to Archdruid Runetotem (Miracle of Aessina).  When you hand the Archdruid the Heart of the Forest, Aessina will appear in a cut scene and Guardians of Hyjal, Call of the Ancients will become pop up, followed by Guardians of Hyjal: Firelands Invasion! with the Archdruid requesting you report to Matoclaw at the Sanctuary of Malorne.  (The Flamewake is now phased as the Regrowth though the Egg Wave quests and/or dailies are remain accessible as does Tortolla’s Revenge and the quests that follow).

Now you have the lead in quest, go to the Sanctuary of Malorne and speak to Matoclaw to start the 6 introductory quests leading the Sanctuary of Malorne dailies and the quest line to open a portal to Molten Front.

Introductory Quest line – First attempt at Opening the Portal

Opening the DoorMatoclaw urges you to go at once to Archdruid Hamuul Runtotem on Nordunne Ridge (just east of the Sanctuary) where he, Malfurion and others are in the process of opening a portal to the Firelands. Runetotem is standing back on the slope with Malfurion, Skylord Omnuron & Captain Saynna Stormrunner.

A Ritual of Flame – Runetotem asks you to fight the waves of Charred Invaders while he & the other druids wok to open the invasion portal to the Flamelands on Nordunne Ridge. Assist in taking down the fire elementals.  Once 105 on the bar has been reached the Elite 85 flame druid Leyara will attack.  When Leyara is almost defeated she will fly away and the portal will be open.

To the Sanctuary! – Malfurion instructs you to return to Matoclaw and prepare for Ragnaros’ counterattack.

Caught Unawares – Matoclaw asks you to help Elderlimb, Thisalee Crow, Tholo Whitehoof and Anren Shadowseeker by killing 6 fire elementals at 3 different locations in the Regrowth (once the Flamewake) where the druids have been cut off by flames from the Firelands backlash.  Thisalee is on the north side of Ashen Lake where Tortolla had been chained.  Elderlimb is immediately east of the Sanctuary of Malorne where the road enters the valley with the Flamegate.  Tauren Tholo and Night Elf Anren are fighting back to back at the eastern end of the valley east of the Sanctuary. This quest is the first to award Marks of the World Tree.  It awards 6 Marks of the World Tree.

The Sanctuary Must not Fall – the fire elemental invaders have pushed the druids back to the Sanctuary of MalorneRunetotem at the Sanctuary asks that you stand by Malfurion as he attempts to raise Malorne to prevent the sanctuary from falling.  Stand next to Malfurion until the cut scene in which Malorne awakes and defeats the regular elementals and massive elemental Lord Ryolith.  Dailies will now be now available at the Sanctuary of MalorneThis quest awards 10 marks.

Calling for Reinforcements – Archdruid Hamuul Runetotem asks you to get 20 marks of the World Tree.  You should already have 16 marks from the previous quests and completing the first level dailies will make up the total.  Handing in the quest will use up your marks.

Once the Sanctuary Must Not Fall is completed Matoclaw standing on the stairs of the Sanctuary of Malorne (or in once case Mylune) will now offer three of the following dailies (giving a total of the 4 marks required):

  • Rage against the Flames (kill 7 of the fiery invaders in the Regrowth or Serthia’s Roost) OR Supplies for the Other Side (7 collect Blueroot Vines).  Any of these quests will award 1 Mark.
  • Call the Flock (summon 12 Alpine Songbirds, 5 Forest Owls, and 2 Goldwing Hawks found in the northern Regrowth) OR Perfecting Your Howl (howl over 10 defeated enemies found anywhere in the Regrowth) OR Punting Season (punt baby turtles wandering beside the Ashen Lake out of reach of the fire elementals and back into Lake) OR Spirit Between the Trees (Catch 3 of the phantom stags in the eastern Regrowth) OR Those Bears Up There (Rescue 6 bears taking refuge in the trees of Whistling Grove). These quests award 1 Mark. Each of these quests opens up an encounter either with the elite Shadow form of the relevant Ancient and/or enlists that Ancient to help against an elite foe.
  • Wings A Flame (summon and attack the elite fiery bird Millagazor at the Firelands portal just north-west of Ashen Lake) OR The Call of the Pack (summon and defeat Lylagar, a elite Core Hound at the portal at eastern end of southern valley) OR Echoes of Nemesis (summon and defeat the elite giant, fiery turtle at the portal on the southeast side of the Lake) OR The Power of Malorne (summon and defeat Naga Flamewalker Galenges at the eastern portal) OR Natue’s Blessing (use the Emerald of Aessina to summon and kill the giant spider Pyrachnis). These 85 Elites are not too difficult to solo though each has a damaging flame or poison attack.  You will still be credited the kill if you join in the fight with another player (though not for the achievement Infernal Ambassadors).  Each of these quests awards 2 marks.

For more detail on the early Sanctuary of Malorne dailies see The Daily Round in Hyjal (coming soon).  Once you have your 20 marks you can hand them into Archdruid Runetotem to begin the next quest line and to open up further dailies at the Sanctuary as well as dailies at Malfurion’s Breach.

Opening up the Molten Front Quest Line

The Molten Front Quest line become available with the completion of Calling on Reinforcements (costs 20 marks).

Leyara –  the Archdruid Hamuul wants you to deal with the Druid of the Flame Leyara who has been sighted in the northwest. Leyara is on the small broken bridge at Leyara’s Sorrow, a ruined shrine tucked into the western ridge of the valley west of the Shrine of Aessina (in the northern Regrowth & just west o f Whistling Grove).  After a brief conversation Leyara will immobilize you & then crisp Archdruid Hamuul who arrives just as your conversation ends.  A Hyjal guardian will appear and instruct you to report back to Matoclaw.

Through the Gates of Hell – Malfurion Stormrage urges you to pass through the portal on top of Nordunne Ridge (immediately north of the Sanctuary) and meet him on the other side to help him secure a front in the Molten Front.  Be prepared as soon as you enter the portal to fight for your life. The object is the assist Malfurion defeat the Obsidian Slaglord (85 elite fire elemental). Every one to two minutes the ground in a wide area around the Slaglord will become deadly – with many fiery circles appearing in quick succession followed by damage dealing earthen spikes. Malfurion occasionally sets off Tranquillity but this healing spell is too infrequent to counter the damage of the spikes.  Once the ground begins to glow red move out of the way and keep moving.  Once the spikes have stopped, move in fast to hit the Slaglord.  Watch out for the elemental adds – these are easy enough to defeat but can be annoying while you are dodging the spikes.  If you need a minute to recuperate, the graveyard immediately east of the portal is probably the most protected area from the spikes.  If you do die, resurrect as close to the graveyard as you can and continue the fight. This quest awards 15 Marks of the World Tree.

Once the Slaglord is defeated Malurion will lead you to a small cave with a narrow entrance to the west (47.1,88.3), the new staging area Malfurion’s Breach will be set up, and the quartermaster (the troll Zen’Vorka standing in the cave with Malfurion) and new dailies will become available.  Four epic items (level 365) will be immediately available and can be purchased for gold. Other items (costing 30 marks each) will become available once you open up the next stage (total cost 300 marks) and three additional quests. The Marks can be obtained by the dailies in the Molten Front and the Sanctuary of Malorne (about 15 each day at this stage).

The Through the Gates of Hell leads to three others:

The Fate of Runetotem – Matoclaw apologizes for her brusque manner when you reported Runetotem’s defeat.  He is still alive.  She asks that you speak to Dorda’en Nightweaver at the sanctuary to see if you can help the druids tending Runetotem.  Nightweaver is just in front of the purple tent on the eastern side of the stairs.  Once this quest is completed Dorda’en offers one of three possible dailies each day at the Sanctuary of Malorne

Druids of the Talonobtain 150 Marks of the World Tree to enlist the aid of Sky Lord Omnuron and the Druids of the Talon in Malfurion’s efforts to establish a permanent outpost with Sentinel Tree in the Firelands.  Completing this will open up the Druid of the Talon dailies.

The Shadow Wardensobtain 150 Marks of the World Tree to enlist the aid of Captain Saynna Stormrunner and the Shadow Wardens.  Completing this will open up the Shadow Wardens dailies.

Further progression

Handing in both Druids of the Talon & The Shadow Wardens unlocks new quests, vendors and/or dailies:

  • Additional Armaments (requires 125 Marks) & Well Armed opens up the goblin Ricket dailies.
  • Calling the Ancients (requires 125 Marks) and opens up Shalis Darkhunter dailies and a new Vendor Varlan Highbough.
  • Filling the Moonwell (requires 125 Marks) does not open up any dailies but it does give access to the Vendor Ayla Shadowstorm & unlocks another quest line starting with Into the Depths (Awards 10 Marks), followed by a Smoke-stained Locket (received in the mail) & ending with The Rest is History which rewards Leyara’s Locket

Filling the Moonwell, Additional Armaments and Calling the Ancients are needed to unlock Zen’Vorka epic items (695 Marks from start to finish).

There is also a range of new achievements associated with the Sanctuary of Malorne/Molten Front quests and dailies like Infernal Ambassadors, Fireside Chat, The Meek Shall Inherit Kalimdor etc culminating in Veteran of the Molten Front.

This is a massive amount of new content with some good rewards as well as progression of the story though, apart from the initial 4 epic items, it also will take time and dedication to unlock them.  And as with that initial choice of which zone to start the new Cataclysm content – Mount Hyjal or Vash’jir – so there will be choices along the way – which faction to work towards first the Druids of the Talon or the Shadow Wardens, the Armament quests or the Calling of the Ancients or the Filling of the Moonwell.  If, like my hunter, you need to play catch up to get started don’t be too worried as it takes perhaps 2-3 hours to complete the necessary Mount Hyjal quests to phase from the Flamewake to the Regrowth with Aessina’s Miracle and to begin doing Mount Hyjal dailies.  Not all wrong turns in life are repaired so easily.


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Come one, Come all – a guide to the revamped Darkmoon Faire – new quests, dailies and rewards.

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Other Fish in the Sea

Posted July 12th, 2011 by Kharin


New fishing dailies are now available in Darnassus, Ironforge (Alliance), Thunderbluff and Undercity (Horde).  These dailies give the same rewards as the Stormwind and Orgrimmar dailies with a bag of shiny things, fishing skill (1-2 points), money, experience and factional reputation towards the city in which the daily is done.  It is only possible to do one Cataclysm fishing daily a day (e.g. if you do a daily in Thunderbluff you can no longer do the one in Orgrimmar or Undercity though you can still do the Shattrath and Dalaran dailies).  As with the cooking dailies, if you can’t see the quest giver it maybe that your level is too low (minimum level 10), you haven’t yet started fishing training or you have either completed – or have in your quest logbook another city fishing daily.

The introduction of these new dailies will help lower level players (who can now do the daily in the city closest to where they are questing), is a way of working towards specific factional city reputation and adds variety to the dailies.  Completing each of the five dailies for each city will complete the appropriate achievement (eg: Fish or Cut Bait: Darnassus) and completing all three Fish or Cut Bait city achievements awards Gone Fishing.  This adds three more fishing achievements for each faction. The fishing dailies for each of the four cities are as follows:


Fishing dailies in Darnassus are now available from the Fishing Trainer Astaia – standing on the pier off the causeway between the Bank Tree and the Auction House in the Tradesman Terrace):

  • The Sister’s Pendant –  Astaia’s friend Sister Aquiene has lost her moon pendant in a boating accident in Darnassus and Astaia thinks it has been swallowed by the local catfish.  Fish in any of the lakes or ponds in Darnassus until you catch a Giant Catfish.  Right click on Catfish icon in your bag to fillet the fish and retrieve the pendant and give it back to Astaia.  There is really no need to leave the pier to catch the fish.
  • A Slippery Snack– Collect 6 baby octopuses swimming in the shallow waters (not the rock pools) near the main pier south of Ruth’theran Village (use the portal on the small island west of the Bank Tree – it’s a lot faster than flying).  Rather than using your fishing rod, you will need to swim to catch these small octopus.  They will be more visible if you activate nameplates for friendly units (either through the computer icon,  interface, nameplates or by toggling with CTR v) .  Alternatively you can use a target marco (see below).  This quest gives two skill points.
  • Happy As a Clam Digger – Astaia hates collecting clams but wants to make clam stew for her brother.  She asks you to go to the shallow waters south of Ruth’theran Village (through the red portal west of the bank tree) to collect 10 clams.  The clams are easily visible and in the same underwater area as the Baby Octopus (see above).   Once again you need to swim to collect the clams (don’t forget to breath or use a water breathing potion or skill).
  • Stocking Up – to help replenish the food stocks for Darnassus, Astaia wants you to catch 5 Lake Whitefish from any of the lakes or ponds in Darnassus.  No real need to move, just cast a line and fish and you should get a Lake Whitefish every 1-3 casts.
  • An Old Favorite – Astaia asks you to bring her 8 Kaldorei Herring (a hot favorite of the inhabitants of Darnassus) from the waters around Ruth’theran Village.  Take the portal to the village (next to the flight point, west of the Bank Tree) and head for the water.  Every 1-3 casts should bring up a herring.


Grimnur Stonebrand is the fishing trainer standing on the porch of the Travelling Fisherman in the Forlorn Caverns.  He offers five dailies:

  • One for the Ages – Grimur wants you to catch one of Old Ironjaw’s many offspring, a Young Ironjaw for display on a plaque in the library.  The Young Ironjaw can be fished up from the pool opposite Grimur in the Forlorn Caverns after two or three casts.  Once you catch the fish mount it on the prepared plaque on the wall of the Hall of Explorers (just before reaching the library with all the NPCs) and then return to Grimnur.  (Note: Old Ironjaw or one of his offspring has already been mounted on the west wall of the Travelling Fishman.)
  • Fish for Squirky -  Fish up 3 Blind Minnows from the pool in the Forlorn Caverns to feed to Grimnur’s pet murloc, Squirky.  It takes about 2-5 casts per minnow.  Once you have caught 3, feed them to Squirky and than talk to Grimnur.  Simple.
  • Cold Water Fishing – Grimnur wants you to catch 5 Arctic Char in Helm’s Bed Lake in eastern Dun Morogh (just before the South Gate Pass).  Fly (if you can) or use the Gol’Bolar Quarry flight point if you have it.  (Arctic Char can be caught in other lakes and ponds throughout Dun Morogh.)
  • The Gnomish Bait-o-matic – Grimnur wants you to get three components necessary to build a new improved fishing lure invented by one of the gnomes, namely – 3 Shiny Baubles (purchased from the Tansy Puddlefizz Fishing Supplier just inside the Travelling Fisherman), a Hair Trigger purchased from Gearcutter Cogspinner the Engineering Supplier in Tinkertown (for 89 silver 50 copper when friendly with Ironforge) and 3 Rat Traps scattered about the Deeprun Tram station (entrance in Tinkertown).  Once you have all the components, click on the Bait-o-Matic blueprints to build the contraption and give it to a skeptical Grimnur.  For lower level toons, this particular daily will cost more coin than you will receive for it.
  • Live Bait – travel to Helm’s Bed Lake (eastern Dun Morogh) and apply the bait that Grimnur gives you to yourself, then jump into the lake.  Once the crayfish have attached themselves you have 10 minutes walk or run to the Cooking Trainer Ghilm in Gol’Bolar Quarry (just to the west).  Mounting or shape shifting  (Druids) will dislodge the Crayfish Catch.


Fishing Trainer Kah Mistrunner on the third level of the central rise or mesa (where Bain Bloodhoof and the weapon traders are and just one level down from the Wind Rider Master) also offers 5 dailies:

  • Craving Crayfish – Kah asks you to get 10 Stonebull Crayfish from Stonebull Lake.  Unlike with the cooking crayfish dailies in Stormwind & Orgrimmar, you will need to use your fishing rod to catch these crayfish (with about 1 in 3 casts being successful).  The quickest way to Stonebull Lake is to fly whether by your own mount or by taking the Winder Rider (in the top level of the large column to the east of Kah) to Bloodhoof Village.
  • Shiny Baubles – Kah wants you to collect 20 shiny pebbles from the base of the central rise of Thunderbluff and deliver them to Nahari Cloudchaser (the Jewellcrafting trainer) so that she can make more fishing lures (ie shiny baubles).  The stones show up with “find minerals”, they respawn very quickly and can be found just above the grass line around the base of the central rise.  Hand in the stones to Nahari standing in Cloudchaser Jewell Crafting, immediately south of the bridge hut to the Spirit Rise and three huts to the north after you take the main lift (western side of central rise) up again. This quest gives 2 fishing skill points.
  • The Ring is the Thing – one of the Forsaken has lost a ring in the Pools of Vision (Spirit Rise).  Kah wants you to catch and fillet Blind Cavefish in the Pools (inside the cave on the east side of the bridge from the central rise) and then fillet them in an attempt to find the ring.  It may take several casts and a few blind cavefish before you find Poshken’s Ring.  Then give the ring to Poshken Hardbinder , the undead Inscription Trainer standing on the east side of the pool.
  • The Race to Restock – Kah wants you to restock Thunderbluff’s Fishing Pond with 2 Randy Small Fish and 2 Amorous Mudsnappers.  These fish can be caught with your fishing rod with a small number of casts (2-6) in Stonebull Lake (next to Bloodhoof Village).  The quickest way to the Lake is to fly to Bloodhoof Village  (whether by your own mount or the Wind Rider).  Once you have caught the fish, fly back and hand them to Kah Mistrunner.
  • Pond Predators – Kah wants you to fish up 8 predatory Aszhara Snakehead fish from Thunderbluff Pond (innocently introduced by a well-meaning goblin) before the fish eat up all the other fish in the pond. You will probably catch the snakehead fish ever 1-3 casts.


And for those with a taste for the macabre Fishing Trainer Armand Cromwell (standing on a small pier in from of the Magic Sector in Undercity) offers five fishing dailies.

  • Tadpole Terror – Armand wants you to bring him 8 Giant-fleshing eating tadpoles (mutated due to pollution) from Stillwater Pond.   Approximately every other cast should score a tadpole (14-16 casts in all).
  • Like Pike – To catch the prized massive corpse-fed pike, loot a corpse worm from the graves in the ruined upper city of Lordaeron and apply to your fishing rod before casting in Brightwater Lake (southeast of Undercity).  You will only be able to loot one worm applying the worm to your rod will give a 10 minute buff.  This should be plenty of time as the pike generally takes the bait after only a few casts.  This quest gives 2 fishing skill points.
  • Fish Head – apparently an irate orc has chopped off the head of an abomination and thrown it into the sewers.  Armand wants you to fish up the head and return it to the Master Apothecary to be reattached.  It is a simple matter to fish up the head (after a cast or two).   Once you have the abomination head return it to Master Apothecary Faranell in the Apothecarium.  (There are two entrances to the Apothecarium in the alcoves either side of the Royal Quarter – in the northwest alcove a boardwalk leads to the entrance while in the southeast there is a tunnel like passageway.)
  • Moat Monster - Armand wants you to attract the attention of the Moat Monster with an alliance decoy kit and then to feed it 10 bloated frogs (which have been fed bloated spiders which in turn were fed bloated flies.  (In the cooking daily Would You Like Some Flies With That you are given the job of collecting the flies.)  He gives you a Moat Monster feeding kit which includes the decoy and frogs.  The Moat is on the north side of the open courtyard of the upper city (Ruins of Lordaeron) just before entering the covered entrance leading to the old throne room, tomb and the lifts down to Undercity.  You will probably need to deploy the decoy 3-4 times to feed all 10 frogs to the monster (a large tentacle) as it will submerge after 20 seconds or so.
  • Time for Slime – Armand asks you to collect 10 Squirming Slime Moulds from the slime in the canals in Undercity.  Armand suggests that it would be difficult to fish the wily moulds up and that you “would be better off just diving into the ooze and grabbing these”.   You can either collect the Slime Moulds from under the ooze or cast a line and catch the Slime Moulds about every 2-3 casts.

The fishing dailies will help increase your fishing skills while giving money, reputation, experience and the chance of useful potions, fishing lures, recipes (for Captain Rumsy’s Lager), companion pets (e.g. Strand Crawler) or skills (i.e. tracking fishing pools from Weather Beaten Journal) and achievements (Fish or Cut Bait, Gone Fishing, Fish Don’t Leave Footprints ).   The fish you catch are useful for low level cooks.  Remember to attach a lure (easily purchased from the Fishing supplier, auction house or an engineer) if your skill level is too low (i.e. you are catching lots of grey items or junk), to breath while collecting snail, clams or octopus underwater and most of all to relax and have fun.


Other posts on cooking and fishing dailies:

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A Bunch of Lunch – a guide to the new Cataclysm cooking dailies in Darnassus, Ironforge, Thunderbluff and Undercity – including where to find the quest givers, tips on completing each daily, which quests give 2 cooking awards or 2 cooking skills, rewards and achievments.

Doing Lunch – a guide to the new Cataclysm Cooking Dailies in Stormwind and Orgrimmar- including where to find the quest givers, tips on completing each daily, rewards and achievments.

Other Cataclysm Dailies

Molten Front Dailies

Opening the Portal – a guide on qualiying for and progressing in the new Mount Hyjal dailies (gives gold, Mount Hyjal & guild reputation, Marks of the World Tree, epic 365 gear, companion pets, a mount, achievments).

The Meek Shall Inherit Kalimdor – Regrowth & Ashen Field Dailies & Achievements

Example of a targeting Marcos (can be created with either the computer icon or Escape Key & the Macros).  Once created, place the macro on a toolbar.

/clear target

/tar baby octopus

/script SetRaidTargetIcon(”target”,1)

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Darpoundrice490xNew cooking dailies are now available in Darnassus, Ironforge (Alliance), Thunderbluff and Undercity (Horde).  These dailies give the same rewards as the Stormwind and Orgrimmar dailies with 1-2 cooking awards, cooking skills (1-2 points), money, experience and factional reputation towards the city in which the daily is done.  It is only possible to do one Cataclysm fishing daily a day (eg if you do a daily in Darnassus you can no longer do the one in Stormwind or Ironforge though you can still do the Shattrath and Dalaran dailies).

If you can’t see the quest giver it maybe that you haven’t picked up cooking training, your level is too low (minimum level 10) or, most likely,  you have either completed or have in your log book another city cooking daily.

While it would be neat if we could do all 3 main city dailies of our toon’s faction a day, the introduction of these new dailies is still helpful for lower level players (who can now do the daily in the city closest to where they are questing), may be a way of gaining a specific factional city reputation and add variety to the dailies (to those becoming a little jaded with the Stormwind or Orgrimmar dailies). Completing each of the five dailies for each city will complete the appropriate achievement (eg Let’s Do Lunch: Thunderbluff) and completing all three Let’s Do Lunch city acheivments awards A Bunch of Lunch.  This adds three more cooking achievements for each faction.

The cooking dailies for each of the four cities is as follows:


Cooking dailies in Darnassus are now available from the Cooking Trainer Alegorn (Craftsmen Terrace):

  • Ribs for the Sentinels – Alegorn asks you to cook the uncooked ribs he supplies and then to distribute them to 5 Sentinels.  Use the stove next to the cooking trainer to cook the ribs. Sentinels (the Darnassan guards) are easily found scattered throughout the environs of the city.  Once fed the Sentinels gain a 2 minute well fed buff  which makes them uninterested in eating.  This daily gives 2 Chef’s Awards.
  • Back to Basics – Alegron wants you to pound rice in the townsfolk’s rice baskets into rice flour.   The baskets can be readily found scattered in buildings through Darnassus.
  • Remembering the Ancestors – Alegorn’s apprentice is out of town, so he asks you to collect blessed rice cakes from the Temple of the Moon which you must then present to the ancestors at the Shrine of the Ancestors (a large pyramid shaped tower at the graveyard just before the main entrance gate of Darnassus and to the north of the large courtyard area in front of the Warrior Terrace).
  • Spice Bread Aplenty – make or get your hands on 10 pieces of spice bread (a basic recipe that requires flour and mild spices easily purchased from the cooking supplier).
  • The Secret to the Perfect Kimchi -  Alegorn wants you to find 8 buried Kimchi jars (the secret to perfect Kimchi) scattered beside the bases of the buildings, bushes and trees throughout the Craftsman Terrace as well as on the islands and the Tradesman Terrace in Darnassus.  This daily gives 2 cooking skill points.


Daryl Rikknussun, the cooking trainer in the Bronze Kettle (in the Great Forge near the entrance to the Hall of Explorers) offers five dailies:

  • Keepin’ the Haggis Flowin’- Daryl sends you to find 3 essential ingredients of Haggis: Bag of sheep innards (purchased from the meat vendor Songar Cliffbeard), 5 packets of mild spices (from any cooking supplier) and 4 sacks of oatmeal (in or outside any of the inns or suppliers in the city).  Mild spices can be bought from Emrul Rikknussun in the lower floor of the Bronze Kettle. Unlike the sugar sacks in Stormwind, the oat sacks are easily found scattered outside and inside of shops in the Great Forge, the Military Hall, the Commons, the Mystic Ward and the other areas of Ironforge.  The meat vendor Songar paths around the Military Ward.  This daily gives 2 Chef’s Awards.
  • Can’t Get Enough Spice Bread – Daryl wants you to cook 10 spice bread which is a basic recipe available at level 1 Cooking Skill.  The required sacks of wheat and packets of spice can be purchased from Daryl’s brother Emrul just downstairs.
  • A Fowl Shortage – Daryl wants to make Cock-a-leekie soup but doesn’t have enough chickens.  Catch 6 Dun Morogh chickens running around on the flat area just outside the gates of Ironforge as well as on the road down the mountain.  The chickens don’t run fast and are very easy to catch.
  • A Round for the Guards – Daryl asks you to distribute Ironforge rations (haggis and Ironforge pale ale) to 6 Ironforge Guards.  The Guards are easy enough to find though feeding them gives a brief 2 minute well fed buff that makes them unavailable for the quest while the buff lasts.
  • I Need to Cask a Favor – Daryl wants you to go to  Kharanos and bring back a cask of Drugan’s Ironforge Pale Ale (IPA) from outside the brewery.  The cask is beside Ragnar Thunderbrew standing next to the entrance stairs of the Thunderbrew Distillery (the inn).  Picking it up will give you a 3min Brewery Delivery buff (similar to the Goblin Parcel Runner disguise in the Dangerous Love quest line) which gives you extra speed and now brakes.  Run back and hand in to Daryl.  This daily gives 2 cooking skill points.


Cooking Trainer Aska Mistrunner on the third level of the main mesa (where Bain Bloodhoof and the weapon traders are and just one level down from the Wind Rider Master) also offers 5 dailies:

  • Pining for nuts – Tauran cooking uses pine nuts in many dishes.  Aska wants you to collect 30 pine nuts by roasting pine cones over a fire.  The cones (which show on the minimap with herb finding skills) are at the base of the pine trees around the edges of the different levels on the mesas.  Each cone produces 5 nuts.
  • Corn Mash – Aska wants you to grind 5 bowls of corn kernels into cornmeal.  The small woven grass bowls inside the buildings scattered throughout Thunderbluff.  This daily gives 2 Chef’s Awards.
  • Magic Mushrooms –  Aska sends you to gather 6 “magic” mushrooms  – very small delicious mushroom caps underneath the bigger mushrooms in the Pools of Vision in the cave at the Spirit Rise.
  • Mulgore Spice Bread – make 5 mulgore spice bread by adding Aska’s special spices to 5 regular spice bread you have already cooked (need flour & mild spices).
  • Perfectly Pickled Portions – Aska asks you to obtain four ingredients to make a perfect dish from4  huts around Thunderbluff. The first two are on the main rise one level down from Aska: Succulent Sweet Potato (in the Nan Mistrunner’s Fruit and Vegetable stand, 2 huts south of the hut with the bridge to the Elder Rise) and Savoury Spices (in Komin Winterhoof the Herbalism Trainer’s hut which is on the south side of the bridge hut to the Elder Rise).  The last two are on the main rise on the same level as Aska: Fresh Caught Fish (hanging from the ceiling in the back of Kah Mistrunner the Fishing Trainer’s hut on the west side of the bridge hut to the Elder Rise) and Freshly Hunted Fowl (hanging on the west side of Kaga Mistrunner the meat vendor’s hut directly opposite from Aska). This daily gives 2 cooking skill points.


And if you have a cast iron stomach you can do the five different dailies offered by Cooking Trainer Eunice Burch (in the Trade Sector) in Undercity.

  • Roach Coach – Eunice asks you to collect 20 plump cockroaches from traps around Undercity for her sister Audrey’s Thrice-Spiced Crunchy Stew.  Both the traps (small wooden boxes hidden in, around or behind objects) and Audrey are in the inner ring of the canals. This daily gives 2 Chef’s Awards.
  • Would You Like Some Flies with That – Eunice wants you to gather for her 25 bloated flies from the meat wagons.  The 5-6 wagons are distributed around Undercity (eg in the Apothecarium, the Rogues Quarter, the Magic Quarter etc).  Each wagon has 4-6 pieces of rotting meat scattered on the ground beneath it and each piece of meat yields 2-5 bloated flies.  Eunice plans to fatten up spiders with the flies, which will fatten up the frogs which will … well, lets just say its reminiscent of the song “There was an old woman who swallowed a fly”
  • Escargot A Go-Go – Eunice wants you to find 8 Brightwater snails in Brightwater Lake, the large lake northeast of Undercity.  To make it easier to find the snails use a targeting macro (see below). This daily gives 2 cooking skill points.
  • Fungus Among Us –  Eunice asks you to collect 12 sewer cap mushrooms – small orange mushrooms that grow in the Undercity sewer.  The sewer entrance (47:39) is the double high stairs against the wall of the outer ring, halfway between the apothecarium and the war quarter.
  • Lily, Oh Lily - Pick ten Stillwater lilies for Eunice from the edges of Stillwater Pond northwest of Undercity, past Coldheath Manor.  The lilies are the flat, bronzy yellow water lily pads on the surface of the water just in from the water’s edge.

The cooking dailies are easily completed with worthwhile rewards.  Incidentally, they give a little bit more insight into the dietary preferences of the different factional groups (from pale ale and haggis for sturdy Dwarves; to rice, kimchi and octopus for the Night Elf; cider, pumpkin & cookies in Stormwind; prickly pear, swine bellies and rice for the Orc; pine nuts, corn meal and savoury spices for the Tauran; and cockroaches, flies and snails for the Undead) as well as some cultural, philanthropic and religious practices.  Perhaps a gentle reminder that people “do not live by bread alone” and that a reflective person is not only enriched by the cooking customs of their own and others traditions but also acknowledges the Provider of all good things.


Example of a targeting Marcos (create through computer icon, macros or Esc key, macros).  Once created place the macro on a toolbar.

/clear target

/tar brightwater snails

/script SetRaidTargetIcon(”target”,1)

Cooking Dailies

Doing Lunch – a guide to the new Cataclysm Cooking Dailies in Stormwind and Orgrimmar- including where to find the quest givers, tips on completing each daily, rewards and achievments.

Fishing dailies

Other Fish in the Sea - a guide to the new Cataclysm Fishing Dailies in Darnassus, Ironforge, Thunderbluff and Undercity – including where to find the quest givers, tips on completing each daily, rewards and achievments and which quests give 2 fishing skill.

Gone Fishing – a guide to the new Cataclysm Fishing Dailies in Stormwind and Orgrimmar – including where to find the quest giver, tips on completing each daily, rewards, achievements and a brief guide on how to fish for those starting out in this profession.

Molten Front Dailies

Opening the Portal – a guide on qualiying for and progressing in the new Mount Hyjal dailies (gives gold, Mount Hyjal & guild reputation, Marks of the World Tree, epic 365 gear, companion pets, a mount, achievments).

The Meek Shall Inherit Kalimdor – Regrowth & Ashen Field Dailies & Achievements

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Where are the Fires

Posted June 28th, 2011 by Kharin


The summer fires are burning again as the people of Azeroth and Outlands celebrate the warm and life of the sun, the Twilight Cult plots the total destruction of Azeroth and the Ice Lord Ahune stirs in the Slave Pens intent on ending summer for ever in eternal winter.  The cataclysmic shattering of Azeroth and the continuing assault of the Twilight Cult, Deathwing and the Old Gods to bring about total cataclysmic destruction has changed the summer festival only slightly.

-          Ice Lord Ahune is now a level 87 elite available to 84+ (queued through either the dungeon finder or an Earthern Ring Elder) with an appropriate increase in the loot drops.  This year (2011) the companion pet Ice Chip is a possible drop in the Satchel of Chilled Goods.

-          The location of some of the fires has changed with some new ones added and others removed following the dramatic changes to the landscape and changes of factional dominance in different areas.  (See below for locations of the bonfires.)

-          There are a number of fires that are not necessary for the achievements but can still award experience, reputation, gold, and burning blossoms.  As in previous years there are both alliance and horde fires outside major factional settlements in Northrend.  In addition there are new fires outside factional cities in the new Azeroth as well as fires in Earthern Ring centres in the new 85+ areas of Mount Hyjal, Vash’jir and Deepholm and factional ones in Uldum and the Twilight Highlands.

-          With the exception of Orgrimmar and Darnassus, the fires of the major factional cities (needed for King of the Fire Festival) have not changed (see guide).  The Darnassus fire is now inside Darnassus in the courtyard east of the Warrior’s Terrace while the Orgrimmar Fire is now on the roof on the northern edge of the Valley of Wisdom next to the Western Earthshrine (with the 80+ portals).

See below for the position of both Alliance and Horde fires necessary for the achievements The Fires of Azeroth and Desecration of the Alliance/Horde. Read more »

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