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Before the release of Cataclysm fishing (and cooking) dailies were reserved for the higher level player (the Old Man Barlo fishing dailies near Shattrath and the Dalaran fishing dailies).  Now they are available to toons level 10 and above in Stormwind (Alliance) and Orgrimmar (Horde).  While not as lucrative as the Dalaran fishing adventures, they are still an easy way to get experience, fishing skill, and reputation and all the quests are centred in or very close to Stormwind or Orgrimmar.

The Dailies


Five cooking dailies can be picked up from Catherine Leland (fishing supplier) who is standing beside the fishing trainer (Andrew Leland) on the pier in between the Canal Tailor and Fit Shop and the bridge to the Mage quarter and across the canal from the Stockades, Stormwind City.  They are:

  • Hitting a Wall Eye Simply catch 8 Hardened Walleye Fish from Stormwind Lake to the north of and in between the Dwarven District and the Cathedral District, Stormwind.  (Make sure you are in the Lake area rather than the canal area next to the jetty.  A lure is recommended if your fishing skill is below 55.)
  • Rock Lobster Collect six rock lobsters (right click) from the lobsters cages in the deep waters around the Stormwind docks.  The cages are on the ocean floor, the waters are very deep and level 85 sharks patrol the area.  You do get a 10 min buff that enables you to breathe underwater and have increased swim speed so use this to your best advantage.  If you are below 80 watch out for the sharks!  Best to check the water before entering, collect a couple of cages close to the one of the ramps out of the water and then be ready to exit the water fast when one of the sharks starts coming your way.  Both sharks and rock lobsters show up with beast tracking (eg hunter tracking or tracker snacks etc).
  • Thunder Falls Catch 4 Violet Perch in the river above Thunder Falls just south of Stormwind.  You can reach this upland area by foot or ground mount by exiting the Stormwind Gates, travelling south-west skirting the mountains until you reach Mirror Lake, then follow the shallow ravine on the eastern side of the Thunder Falls to a small valley above it with level 8-9 bandits, a small pier and house.  If you have a flying mount it is much quicker to fly to the upland area which is immediately south of the Mage Tower in the Mage Quarter.
  • Diggin’ For Worms Look for an overgrown earthworm (under sparkling patches) around Olivia’s Pond in the new farmland area just north of the Dwarven District, Stormwind. Once you loot the worm, equip your fishing rod, apply the worm to the rod (right click) for a 10 min buff , add a lure if fishing skill is very low and fish in Oilvia’s Pond until you catch a Crystal Bass.
  • Big Gulp asks you to find Catherine’s locket that she lost in the Valley of Heroes (the moat at the entrance of Stormwind).  Fish until you catch a monkfish and then fillet (right click) it to get the Precious Locket.


Five fishing dailies can be picked up from Razgar (Master Angler) standing just southwest of the auction house and near the pier with the fishing trainer in the Valley of Honor, Orgrimmar.  The dailies are:

  • Clammy Hands Collect 10 monstrous clam meat from the giant clams in the waters of Bladefist Bay just east of Skull Rock and the Orgrimmar Pier (go directly east once exiting the Orgrimmar front gate until you reach the coastline).  You will be able loot 1-2 clam meat from each clam.
  • A Staggering Effort Go out the back gate of Orgrimmar into Azshara and kill the nearby Stags until you loot a stag eye.  Return to the pond in the Valley of the Wisdom near the class trainers, apply the stag eye to your fishing rod and a lure if necessary and fish until you catch a  Sandy Carp;
  • A Golden Opportunity Go to the inundated Thunder Ridge (southwest of Orgrimmar and north of the wastelands and the bridge across to the northern barrens) and swim down to the bottom until you see one of the Drowned Thunder Lizards.  Use Razgar’s knife (right click) to cut off a tail being careful to time it so that you are not caught up in the periodic electrical explosions.  Then swim close to a golden perch and use the tail to electrocute them and then loot them.  You will need three perch.  Obviously water breathing or increased swim speed abilities (eg swim form for druids) or potions make this fun quest easier.
  • No Toxic Dumping Allowed Fish six Toxic Puddlefish from the oil slicked waters near the oil pump in the Goblin Slum area (southern end of the Valley of Spirits).
  • A Furious Catch Catch a Giant Furious Pike in the South Fury River near the Orgrimmar Side gate.  You need to be standing on the Orgrimmar river bank (rather than the North Barrens bank) to be able to catch the fish.

Each daily awards + 1 fishing skill, gold, a Bag of Shiny Things which can contain a random grey item and various potions such as water breathing or waterwalking elixirs, or fishing lures or the herb stanglekelp etc, as well as awarding factional reputation  and experience (if less than 85).  The bag may also drop the Weather Beaten Journal that teaches you to track fish (pools) and gives the achievement Fish Don’t Leave Footprints.

Achievements and other rewards

There are also a couple of associated achievements: Fish or Cut Bait for completing the five dailies in Stormwind City (Alliance) or Orgrimmar (Horde) and achievements for catching a certain number of fish (eg 25, 50, 100).  It is also possible that you might fish up extremely rare catches such as Old Crafty in Orgrimmar while completing the daily.

So, if you haven’t yet got into fishing, now may be the time to give it a go.  While fishing can be time consuming to level it does have some benefits such as fishing up chests with gear, trade goods and gold; potions; elements; even companion pets  or mounts as well as fish to cook or turn into potions.   There are in fact a multitude of achievements related to fishing though gaining the meta-achievement Accomplished Angler with the title Salty is no mean feat (but that is another story).

How to Fish?

Fishing is one of the secondary professions available to all players and it is not too difficult to do though it does require time and patience.  After visiting the fishing trainer in one of the factional cities, obtain a fishing pole and lure from the fishing supplier usually found near fishing trainers.  Lures (Shiny Bauble, Bright Baubles etc) are not strictly necessary but they enhance your fishing skill which is a decided advantage if you are just starting out or are fishing in higher level waters.  You can cast in any level water these days but will be much less successful the lower your skill level is compared to the level of the water.  Find some open water (a pond, river, canal, lake or ocean), stand or sit on the edge (you won’t be able to cast if you are swimming), equip your rod, attach the lure and cast into water by right clicking the fishing icon (find it in the professions tab and it place on one of your task bars for ease of use).  If the water is too shallow or doesn’t land in the pool of fish you are aiming for, recast till it does, adjusting your position if necessary.  Wait with your cursor over the fishing bobber (it will appear as a hook if it’s in the right position) and right click quickly once you hear the splash and/or see the bobber bounce.  If you click too soon or are too slow you will reel in an empty line.   Your success in catching fish will also depend on your fishing skill, the level of the waters you are fishing and any fishing skill enhancements you are using (i.e. the level of the lure, the level of your fishing rod and certain items of clothing or potions which give a bonus in fishing skill).  If you fishing skill is low you will fish up grey trash items which still level your fishing but generally are of low value and little use.  Initially you will gain one skill level for each successful cast, though as your skill increases it begins to take more casts to skill up. And of course, remember to visit the fishing trainer before you reach your current skill cap.

Fishing is usually the profession that takes the longest for my various toons to level.  I tend to fish for short periods of time (maybe 10 mins or so) and/or for a purpose – completing fishing dailies (the ones in Dalaran can award a lot of gold), fishing pools when I find them, doing the fishing competitions and/or completing fishing quests (there are a few).   When I do decide to power level I often combine it with another fishing goals like catching one of the rare fish for achievements– eg Old Ironjaw in Ironforge, Old Crafty in Orgrimmar or Mr Pinchy in the highland areas of  Terrokar Forrest, Outlands – or waiting for the dungeon or battlegrounds queue (though this can be embarrassing if I forget to reequip my weapon).

There is no doubt that fishing isn’t one of the most exciting things to do in Azeroth yet it can still be rewarding given a little time and effort and may give you a chance to sit and enjoy the view.


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