Saving Winter Veil

December 28th, 2010


Winter Veil is probably the Azerothian festival I enjoy the most.  Running over 18 days, Winter Veil is less time pressured than many of the other seasonal events, has some fun quests and interesting challenges, some cool companion pets and the distinct feel of celebration about it.  After all, there is something nostalgic about checking the gifts under the tree, waiting impatiently until Christmas day and then opening the gaily wrapped packages to see what they contain.  As usual Winter Veil is packed with goodies including companion pets (Red and Green Little Helpers, Snowman kit, Jingle Bell), festive goodies, quests and achievements (see below about quests and achievements).

Winter Veil clearly falls around the time and alludes to the major Western festival of Christmas (mistletoe, holly, gifts under the festively decorated fir trees, the garb and roles of Father Winter and his helpers, traditional Christmas foods, reindeer, the Greench etc).  The date of Christmas is close to (though not exactly on) the date of the Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere (and the Summer Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere) and it was common in pre-Christian Europe and in East Asia to celebrate a festival in the very depths of winter in the hope that summer, light, warmth and growth would return to the world.  In the quest line The Reason for the Season both Dwarven and Tauren Legends are cited to indicate that Winter Veil was a time to celebrate the land’s blanketing with snow by Great-Father Winter and the renewal of the land.   The traditionalists lament that the Goblins have commercialised the season with “a bumbling fool in a red suit,” the giving of gifts and festival foods.  This is the closest that Winter Veil gets to alluding to the other major reason that Christmas has been celebrated in the West over the last 2000 years – the birth of Jesus of Nazareth in the small hamlet of Bethlehem in Israel.  Jesus was thought by many to be the long awaited Messiah (Christ) and he made radical claims about himself and announced a radical message about God’s love and forgiveness that got him offside with the religious authorities of the day.  Despite his subsequent death at Roman hands, his followers claimed that he had risen from the dead, continuing to spread his movement and message and “turning the world upside down.”   It is perhaps surprising that such an influential person, who is honoured, at least in name, by half the world’s population and respected by icons such as Mohammad, Mahatma Ghandi, Albert Einstein, Martin Luther King, the Dalai Lama and Mother Teresa, is so easily sidelined into obscurity.  While Christians might claim that Jesus is the Reason for the Season, any allusions to the existence and influence of this world figure in the world of Azeroth are at best obscure, satirical and perhaps unwelcome – reflecting a major trend in popular, secular and neo-spiritual Western culture.

This guide will look at the quests, achievements and the changes from 2009.


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Doing Lunch

December 6th, 2010

Doing Lunch Orgrimmar Style

Up until now, cooking dailies have been reserved for the higher level player – with the release of the Roc cooking dailies (with the Burning Legion expansion – requirement level 70) and then the Dalaran cooking dailies (with Wrath of the Lich King – requires level 71).  These cooking adventures have been a fun way to earn some gold, get experience, new recipes, and earn reputation.

With the impending release of Cataclysm expansion and the new world that has emerged from the Shattering, Blizzard has introduced new cooking (and fishing) dailies in Stormwind City and Orgrimmar similar to the non-factional dailies available in Dalaran and Shattrath.  Like the Dalaran dailies and in marked contrast to the Shattrath dailies, most (if not all) of them can be performed in and around the Stormwind (Alliance) and Orgrimmar (Horde).   Also, like the Dalaran dailies, these new dailies give cooking awards (Chef’s awards) which can be saved to buy 450+ level cooking recipes.  Unlike both the Dalaran and Shattrath dailies, these “old world” dailies are available from level 10 onwards and award one or two cooking experience points (depending on level).

The Dailies


Five cooking dailies can be picked up from Head Chef, Robby Flay just south of the Stockades entrance, Stormwind City.  They are:

  • A Fisherman’s Feast (collect 5 barrels of gigantic Catfish on the jetties and near the fishermen around Stormwind canals, lake and harbour);
  • Orphans Like Cookies Too! (Collect 4 sacks of Confectioner’s Sugar from general supplies shops or the kitchens of inns or, if actually in stock, purchased from the cook at Blue Recluse or other vendors.  The sacks have a very fast respawn time( in populated servers) so , once you have found one, it is worth staying put and waiting for the respawn);
  • The King’s Cider (collect 12 fallen juicy apples lying beneath the apple trees along the canals and districts around Stormwind City.  Fallen apples show up on the mini-map with “find herbs” tracking ability.);
  • Feeling Crabby? (Collect 10 canal crabs. Travel along the Stormwind canals (swim, ride or water walk using what options you have to make this faster e.g.  druid form, water breathing, swim speed potion etc) to find the crabs and then collect them with a right click.  Apparently, riding a mammoth allows you to go at a faster walk rather than slower swim speed because of their height.  Also, the fishing daily Rock Lobster gives a water moving and breathing buff that can help with this quest.)  Track beasts, targeting macro or the v button can make the small crabs more visible); and
  • Penny’s Pumpkin Pancakes (harvest 6 Stormwind Pumpkins in the new farm section next to Olivia’s Pond in north of Stormwind City.  To reach this area you should go through the new gate behind the engineering trainer in the Dwarven district).

Each daily awards A Chef’s Award, + 1 cooking skill, alliance reputation (including Gilneas rep) and experience (if not already maxed out).  Next to Robby is the Sous Chef, Barrio Metalli who sells 450+ recipes (requires level 80) and a crate of tasty meat (for Chef’s Awards).


Five cooking dailies can be picked up Infantry Chef Marogg from at the southern entrance of the Drag, Orgrimmar.  The dailies are:

  • Careful, This Fruit Bites Back (collect 8 pieces of prickly pear fruit from the cacti scattered around Orgrimmar.  The fruit shows up on the mini-map with “find herbs” tracking ability);
  • Even Thieves Get Hungry(tackle the stealthed thieves next to stacks of horde marked crates to loot 3 stolen Infantry Horde rations.  They are easier to see if you pause for a few seconds.  Also, track hidden or a targeting macro are helpful in finding the thieves);
  • Stealing From Our Own (commandeer the 6 barrels of Darkspear Rice scattered about Troll section of the Valley of the Spirits ).  Trolls get a different version -  Stealing From Our Own (commandeer the 6 barrels of Kezan Rice scattered about the Goblin area in the Goblin Slums area);
  • Crawfish Creole (pick up 10 muddy crawfish in and around the ponds in Orgrimmar.  The pond next to the goblin area is perhaps the best place to collect crawfish as the lack of pond weed makes the crawfish more visible.  In shallow water the crawfish leave a bubbly trail. Track beasts (hunters, tracker snacks), targeting macro (see below) or using v key are also helpful in making the crawfish visible.  Remember to right click to collect them – you cannot fish them up); and
  • Everything Is Better with Bacon (loot 6 swine bellies from mature swine and wild mature swine in Durotar just south of Orgrimmar);

Each daily awards A Chef’s Award, + 1 cooking skill, horde reputation and experience (if not already maxed out).  Next to Marogg  is the Sous Chef Shazdar, who sells 450+ recipes (require level 80) and a crate of tasty meat (for Chef’s Awards).


There are also a couple of associated achievements: Let’s Do Lunch for completing the five dailies in Stormwind City (Alliance) or Orgrimmar (Horde) and the various Cooking Awards (e.g. for one, 50, 100).

So, if you haven’t yet got into cooking, now may be the time to give it a go though, of course, it is going to take more than a few dailies to level your cooking or to earn the title of Chef.

In the midst of the chaos and shifting uncertainties of cataclysmic change, it is comforting to think that the simple pleasures of life can still remain.  The preparing, sharing and eating of food is at the heart of family life, significant celebrations and community building across races, factions and cultures despite their differances .


Targeting Macros

/tar canal
/script SetRaidTargetIcon(”target”,1)

/tar muddy
/script SetRaidTargetIcon(”target”,1)

/target Orgrimmar Thief
/script SetRaidTargetIcon(”target”,1)

Cooking Dailies

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Fishing dailies

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Other Cataclysm Dailies

Mount Hyjal

Opening the Portal – a guide on qualiying for and progressing in the new Mount Hyjal dailies (gives gold, Mount Hyjal & guild reputation, Marks of the World Tree, epic 365 gear, companion pets, a mount, achievments).

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