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Ahn’kahet: Old Kingdom can be a challenging dungeon, especially to those new to it.  It has a number of interesting boss encounters and it is wise not to take the trash mobs too lightly.  This guide looks at its history, location, quests, bosses, achievements, dungeon map, position of the Ahn’kahet brazier, as well as suggested approach and strategies.

Kilix the unraveler3 History: Ahn’kahet is the original location of Azjol-Nerub and home to the Nerubians.  While the upper kingdom was overun by the undead following the War of the Spider, the Nerubian rebels escaped to the Old Kingdom and its halls remained largely untouched by the scourge until recently.  However, in digging too deep they encounted at the subterrean heart of the Kingdom the hostile Faceless ones who are under the dominion of the imprisoned Old God, Yogg-Saron.  An earthquake then lilfted the Old Kingdom closer to the ground, exposing it to attacks from the Scourge.  Now old Nerubians, scourge and servants of the Old Gods fight for control of the Old Kingdom.

Location: Ahn’kahet Old Kingdom is located in the Pit of Narjun in eastern part of Dragonblight, just south of Icemist Village, north of alliance Star’s Rest (Alliance) and northwest of Agmar’s Hammer (Horde).  Either jump down into the pit or fight your way down the ramp.  The portal entry to Old Kingdom (OK) is to the left of the meeting stone through a long cavern.  The inner kingdom often simply referred to Azjol-Nerub is  immediately on the right of the meeting stone. (more…)

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