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Elemental InvasionThe scene is a mass of confusing images – elite wind elementals swirling to attack; players and NPCs almost piling on top of another in the effort to down the invaders; the rift flashing in hypnotic strobe-like fashion; arcane missiles, druidic lightning, hunters marks, pallie judgements superimposed on each other, fps rates plummeting as 80 or more players get caught up in the excitement of the moment.  When the elemental invasion went live it was almost electrifying.  Since then things have settled down a little.  In Ironforge a glitch has meant that the rifts don’t materialise, the city is secured easily and quickly and portals are up in minutes or that the portals don’t open at all while in Stormwind or Thunderbluff it is not uncommon for numbers to be few and the defense to take more than the required hour.  It is easy to be caught up in the excitement of the event though for some it is merely a tiresome interruption of normal game play.  Love it or hate, the cataclysm launch event is here with a vengeance – offering new epic fights, new 78+ boss encounters with 251 gear drops, new achievement and new quests detailed as follows:


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